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The Great Mushy & Shroom Race! (FB/Web)

Here's your chance to win a Skin, and some other Great Loot!

To See the Current Fastest Time: Check the Pinned Comment in the Video!

Here's How To Enter:

1. Open to Hero Wars Facebook and Web Players ONLY

2.Set up a Max-Level, Auto Testing Defense with the following team:

  • Astaroth (Oliver)

  • K'arkh (Fenris)

  • Yasmine (Cain)

  • Celeste (Merlin)

  • Sebastian (Albus)

  • + Axel.

3. Attack the Defense with ANY team, but it must include Mushy & Shroom!

4. Screenshot the fight info screen (to prove heroes and pets)

5. Message Me on Discord These 3 Things. If you forget any of these three, I will not even respond to you, and your entry will not count:

  1. The time it took you to win

  2. The screenshot of the Fight Info Screen

  3. The link to the fight from FB or Web

What is the Prize for the Race?

FB/Web Winners will receive all three Hero Wars gift box containing:

When does the Race End?

The contest will end on Friday, February 24th at 12pm CST. On Friday's HWC Live Stream, I will announce the winner and show the fight itself, and the fight info. Make sure to keep checking back to the Race Video and check the pinned comment to see what the current fastest time is!

What Happens if There is a Tie?

If there is a tie, then the person who contacted me first is the winner. This is a race after all!

What about the BUG with the Great Tree of Wisdom?

I do not care at all. The fastest time with Max/Auto Testing, with the above noted team, attacking with at least Mushy & Shroom, is the winner.

What about YouTube, and the State of Missouri? Do they Care?

For Complete Rules and Policies regarding Sweepstakes, and other contests like this, GO HERE.

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