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Charlie's Rules


Charlie's Rules are the rules for all Sub-Sections of the Hero Wars Central Community. Violating any of these rules can result in a timeout/mute in light cases, or an outright ban in more severe instances. 

Charlie (and his Moderator/Admin Team) reserves the right to punish you with as light or as heavy a punishment as they'd like. (sometimes I'm just in a bad mood)

Continued use of any Sub-Section of the Hero Wars Central Community is an acknowledgement of Charlie's Rules. 

Updates to Charlie's Rules can/will happen without notice. 

What are Charlie's Rules:

These infractions will absolutely not be tolerated. If you do not like these rules, you're welcome to join or start another Community.

  1. There will be NO Name-Calling

  2. There will be NO Religious Discussion

  3. There will be NO Political Discussion

  4. There will be NO Racism or Sexism

  5. There will be NO NSFW Content

  6. There will be NO Discussion of Buying/Selling/Trading Hero Wars Accounts

  7. There will be NO Discussion of "Modding" or Hacking Hero Wars

  8. There will be NO Harassment of other Players

  9. There will be NO Spamming

What are the Sub-Sections of the Hero Wars Central Community:
  1. Any Hero Wars Central Video Comment Section

  2. Any Hero Wars Central Live Stream Comment Section

  3. The Hero Wars Central Discord

  4. The Hero Wars Central Facebook

  5. The Hero Wars Central Instagram

  6. The Hero Wars Central TikTok

  7. The Hero Wars Central Twitter

  8. And while we're at it, any Official Hero Wars or Hero Wars Mobile Communities

Remember: I Love You All, And Good Luck in Dominion!

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