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How Does Hero Energy Work?

Hero Energy is the Lower Yellow Bar that fills up below your Heroes during a fight.

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 6.35.24 PM.png

The Energy Bar will max out at 1000 Energy, and that's when you can use your Hero's Grey or Ultimate Ability!

Here are all the ways your Heroes can gain Energy!

Auto Attack  =  +10% (100)

ANY Skill Use  =  +10% (100)

Damage Taken  =  +1% per 1% Damage Taken

Killing an Enemy Hero  =  +30% (300)

Facebook Only:

Dodging  =  +1% per 1% of Damage Dodged

Some Heroes Interact Directly with Energy

as Part of their Skills

Jhu, Jorgen, Andvari, K'arkh, Orion, Satori

Some Heroes Use Their Energy Bar Differently

Celeste, Astrid & Lucas

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