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Summer Festival 2021 (FB/Web)

What is Up, Heroes of Dominion!?

Summer Festival 2021 is FINALLY here! This event started on June 24th (2am UTC) and will last 7 days! Here is a list of all of the things we will cover in this blog post:

Table of Contents:

  1. Summer Fest Mini-games

  2. Event Tasks

  3. Task Rewards

  4. What to do with those Rewards

  5. The Summer Festival Shop

  6. 2021 Solar Skins

  7. Purchasable Guild Packages

  8. Solar Skin Sweepstakes


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1. Mini Games

Most years during the Summer Festival, there are Mini Games added that award a unique avatar, as well as some honey. Unfortunately there was not a new mini game added in 2021. However, the 2 mini games from previous years are still active! (if you haven't done them yet). Details on those mini games can be found in this video:


2. Event Tasks

There are 8 Quest Tasks in the Special Events Tab; There isn't anything to unique about the event tasks, and the full list of required resources and steps can be found here. Here are the requirements for each task:

  1. Complete Quests of the "Summer Festival" Special Event

  2. Login

  3. Get VIP

  4. Spend Emeralds

  5. Spend Energy

  6. Open Outland Chests

  7. Get Soul Stones of Any Hero

  8. Fight in the Arena or Grand Arena


3. Task Rewards

There are 3 types of rewards that you can earn from completing these tasks: Honey, Summer Festival Coins, and Unique Avatars.

All left-over Honey will be converted to Summer Dolls at the end of the event.

All left-over Summer Festival Coins will be left in your inventory for next year.


4. What to do with the Task Rewards

The unique avatars are simply cosmetic; click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the lobby, click on "change avatar/change frame," and select your new avatar!

Once you collect 250 Honey, you'll be able to deposit it into the beehive in the event dashboard.

For every 250 Honey, you'll earn one of 5 random rewards: Runes, Chaos Cores, Gold, Artifact Coins, or Summer Festival Coins

The Summer Festival Coins are the Grand Prize. We don't have an official published number yet, but the coins feel like around a 15% drop rate compared to the other items rewards. These coins can be used to purchase items within the Summer Festival Shop.


5. The Summer Festival Shop

There are several pages of items you can purchase within the shop. Some of the items are better than others, but really they're all great choices to spend your coins on.

If you're looking for advice on how to spend your coins, there are 6 basic strategies:

Buy Soul Stone Chests -

The Soul Stones chests are the least efficient option, but probably the best option for newer players. These chests award 100 Soul Stones of your choice (excluding Cleaver, Jet, Alvanor). If you're still trying to build up your main team, or need to summon a specific hero to finish your team, these are a great option.

Remember, you get 50 free soul stones per month just for playing every day!

Buy Skin Stones -

Skin stones are an item that will be in high demand for the rest of your Hero Wars career. New skins will continually be added, and a team of 5 heroes will need to purchase and max out 4 (now 5) skins each.

At the best possible math, 3500 skin stones is equal to about 6848 Emeralds.

Buy Chaos Particles -

Pets are arguable the greatest determining factor when it comes to hero vs hero fights. Having an entire team of pets at violet, as compared to only have 1 or 2 (or all of them at blue only) is incredibly important! You will need a TON of Chaos Particles to Promote your Pets to Violet.

At the best possible math, 750 Chaos Particles is equal to about 5250 Emeralds.

Buy Hero Items -

Buying items to promote your Heroes up to Red+2 is also always going to be a safe choices. Each item purchased represents days/weeks/months of grinding the campaign for item fragments, or spending thousands of emeralds to buy energy.

The math of these items are hard to determine, but the higher end items are worth 4500-5500 Emeralds.

Since these items take more than 1 Summer Festival Coin, they're considerably less efficient purchases as compared to Skin Stones or Chaos Particles

Buy Pet Gems -

Buying Pet Gems is one of the least effective items to purchase. Each of the gems comes un-charged (meaning you'll still have to spend a ton of chaos particles to charge them). It's a strictly better value to just purchase the 750 Chaos Particles instead, and purchase the gems directly.

It is worth mentioning that some gems cannot be purchased, and this is because you haven't finished an adventure where the gems are a reward option. Once you've completed Adventure 12 at least once, you should be able to purchase all gems with chaos particles.

If you haven't completed Adventure 12 yet, you should invest more resources into the specific heroes needed to complete the adventures consistently (skins stones, items, or chaos particles to level up more pets to Blue or Violet to patron to your team).

Buy Filler Items (Dolls/Pet Eggs) -

Buying these filler items are generally considered the least important at all stages of the game.

Yes, you can earn Honey out of the Summer Dolls, but the chance to do so is very low. You are over twice as likely to get Gold than any other specific item in the Dolls, and some are significantly less likely.

Buying 20 Pet Summoning Eggs will, on average, give you 60 random Pet Soul Stones. Considering how many hundreds of Pet Soul Stones you need (1000 from 4star to 5 star) these are a relatively low return on investment.


6. The 2021 Solar Skins

Ishmael (Armor Penetration), Ginger (Armor Penetration), and Astrid&Lucas (Health) all received Solar Skins this year! These skins can be purchased AT ANY TIME for $14.99 USD, or 5000 Skin Stones. These skins are NOT limited time items.

Of the three skins, I am most excited about Ishmael; he received a buff on Hero Wars Mobile a few weeks back, and I am hoping he'll receive a similar rework on Facebook/Web soon! The Armor Penetration skin for Ginger puts her at the highest total Armor Penetration of all heroes, but her lack of utility still makes me not interested in her at all. Finally, Astrid&Lucas I have not made a decision.


7. Purchasable Guild Packages


How to Enter The 2021 Solar Skin Sweepstakes:

  1. This sweepstakes is for All Facebook and Web Players!

  2. The sweepstakes is active now, and will end on Wednesday, June 30th at 12pm CST.

  3. Leave a comment on the Video linked here: 2021 Summer Festival Complete Guide

  4. The winner(s) will be decided at random; a random comment will be selected.

  5. There will be 5 Winners Chosen.

  6. The winning commenter will receive 5000 Skin Stones of Your Choice

  7. The winners will be posted at TOP OF THIS BLOG POST, and must contact me via Discord @Lotus#9921 or @herowarscentral

*players from countries who have blocked purchase of items from mobile games are not eligible for this prize. New YouTubers: Try the FREE Chrome Extension from TubeBuddy to accelerate your growth!

Invalid Entries:

  1. A comment containing language that's against Youtube's Community Guidelines

  2. A comment made on a date and time outside of the sweepstakes period listed in How To Enter #2.

  3. A comment containing any personal information.

  4. A comment from a player that lives in a country that has blocked the purchase of items from mobile games.

Youtube Contest Policies and Guidelines

  1. Hero Wars Central is solely responsible for this contest.

  2. This is a sweepstakes, and it is free to enter for everyone.

  3. Hero Wars Central will not be collecting or saving any user's personal information at any time during this sweepstakes.

  4. The sweepstakes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Youtube in any way. Youtube is released from all liability related to the sweepstakes.

  5. Additionally, Youtube does not sponsor the sweepstakes in anyway.

  6. There will not be any use of automatic 3rd party tools or plugins to manage the giveaway.

  7. The sweepstakes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nexters Global LTD, Hero Wars, Hero Wars Mobile, or any of its subsidiaries.

  8. Nexters Global LTD, Hero Wars, Hero Wars Mobile, or any of its subsidiaries are released from all liability related to the sweepstakes.

  9. I have committed to and will abide by Youtube's Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, and Terms of Service, and Contest Policies and Guidelines, linked here:

Prize Disclaimer:

  1. Sweepstakes prizes are refreshed for Hero Wars Central at the beginning of each calendar month.

  2. A maximum of 5 winners will be chosen per video.

  3. On some very rare occasions, the winning commenter will receive their game item at the beginning of the following calendar month.

  4. Hero Wars Central will make every best effort to award the winning commenter within 24 hours of the end of the sweepstakes.

  5. There may be an occasion that a prize isn't available due to an uncontrollable circumstance, up to and including the game itself not loading properly. The prize will then be awarded at the beginning of the following calendar month.

  6. If no item is made available, the winning commenter will receive a gift card in an equivalent amount to the prize.

  7. In the event that a winning commenter is ineligible, or unreachable, a new winning commenter will be chosen as soon as possible.


I Love You All, And Good Luck in Dominion!

Earn Cash, with InboxDollars!

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