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Lilith Brawl Event! Hero Wars Mobile

"Sacrifice" Event!

September 11th at 2am UTC

3 day event

On September 11th, through September 13th, a 3 day basic soul stone event will go live (2am UTC). This event will focus on the completely reworked Hero Lilith, and will go alongside a new temporary Brawl game-mode!

First of all, here are the tasks for the event. The rewards are pretty standard, soul stones and nesting dolls.


  • Spend Energy

  • Spend Emeralds

  • Buy Emeralds

  • Login


Along with the event, Lilith received a pretty extensive overhaul to her skills, position, and role. First, she was changed from a Tank to a Mage. Along with this role change, her position was moved to the backline. She was given the new Hero Tribe tag "Chaos!" Finally, here are her new skills:

Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Skill 4


Here is a screenshot of Lilith's new max stats, and skills!

Thanks to LoadRunner for sharing this screen grab.

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