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Hero Wars Daily 9-29-2023

Table of Contents

Hero Wars Dominion Era News for September 29th, 2023

Autumn Festival is Live!

We Know All October Events?

Based on the Image we received yesterday, we basically know what events run from Oct 2 - Oct 10th! We also know that a new Season will start on Oct 4th, but we DON'T know how long it'll go for...

But What else is there?

If you scroll up a bit to take a look at the header image, there are 13 separate events; one of those is Elemental Synergy which is live right now and will last into October. We also know what a few of the other events are, and finally the rest are revealed to us through leaks on the Official Hero Wars Dominion Era Discord!

Page 1 (left to right, top to bottom)

  1. The color of the night (Darkness Titan Event)

  2. "Soon" (New Pet Event)

  3. Chains Picture/Hero Event (Likely Keira)

  4. Spooky Festival!

  5. Legacy of the Great Ones (Hero Artifacts)

  6. New Season

  7. Guardians of Outland (Hero Skin Stones)

Page 2

  1. Elemental Synergy, which is live right now

  2. The Cosmic Battle (PVP Event)

  3. Foundations of Power (Titan Skin Stone Event

  4. A Portal Anomaly (Pet Event)

  5. Time of the Fearless (F2P Event)

  6. The Shining Ascension

Hero Wars Alliance News for September 29th, 2023

Daily Social Media Gift!

Guardian, head to Chapter 3 Mission 4 (Dusty Cliff) and check your in-game mail for a gift! The task is available till September 30, 6 PM (UTC), team level 10 required. The gift will stay in your in-game mail only for 3 days after completing the mission!

Today's Live Stream

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