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Elmir Event March 10th-12th (HW:Mobile)

Thanks so much to LoadRunner for the info!

Should You Invest

In This Event:

Yes, If Elmir

is in your main Team

Elmir basic Soul Stone Event

From March 10th through the 12th, there is a 3-day Elmir soul stone event. Normally I'd be telling people to NOT invest in this event at all, since you can buy his soul stones from the shop every day.

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However Elmir, along with Luther/Qing Mao/Jorgen, are all purchasable from the Outland Shop. The thing about the Outland Shop is that you shouldn't ever spend Outland Coins on these 4 heroes! 100% of your Outland Coins should always go towards Skin Certificates.

I wouldn't even buy hero equipment from the Outland Shop!

Skins and Skin Stones are such an in-demand resource that even wasting just a LITTLE bit of Outland Coins on something else is a BIG MISTAKE!

Elmir Teams

Elmir is one of the first heroes that I fell in love with when I first started playing Hero Wars Mobile.

He has an Armor Penetration artifact, which is a little rare, and he can both off-tank and provide some stable damage.

He also happens to be a counter to my beloved K'arkh, because K'arkh will target Elmir's clones with his Ult!

The absolute most popular team with Elmir right now was suggested to us by Andrew Whittemore from the Hero Wars Mobile Community: The Goat facebook page. Andrew has a whole write up on a few different teams, mostly revolving around Daredevil, but most of them includes Elmir as well:

1) Elmir, Sebastian, Daredevil

2) Sebastian, Daredevil, Dark Star

3) Elmir, Daredevil, Dark Star.

The article can be found in the pinned Announcements section on the Facebook group:

Shifting Sands Event Tasks:

1. Spending Energy (Spending Energy)


2. Value Exchange (Spending Emeralds)


3. Assemble (Days Login)


4. Assets (Buying Emeralds, Daily)


Shifting Sands Event Rewards:

638 Elmir Soul Stones 5000 Emeralds

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Caleb Holmes
Caleb Holmes
Mar 24, 2021

i like Elmer and glaheda thee awesome

and sorry if some of the words r mists spelled


Martin Leitner
Martin Leitner
Mar 10, 2021

I like also Elmir with Corvus, Dorian, Keira and Jet/Helios. He gives AP to Keira, works well with Altar, becasue his clones provide additional damage from Altar, when he jump back he gets Dorian Aura. In this composition all of the heroes except Corvus get vampirisms aura and Corvus can also heal once Dorian use his first skill.

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