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Winterfest Sweepstakes! (FB/Web Only)

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

What is Up, Heroes of Dominion!?

2021 Winterfest Sweepstakes is Here!

Winners of the 2021 Winterfest Sweepstakes

(contact me on Discord for your prize! Username CharlieM#7777 )

  1. Battle4Freedom

  2. Étienne Gendron - Claimed

  3. Rene Allen

  4. Tripzplash - Claimed

  5. BabyDuckula

  6. jb et maite

  7. Viziez - Claimed

  8. Gerónimo - Claimed

  9. Chris Lefforge

  10. Alejandro Miranda

  11. Миленко Радоњић - Claimed

  12. Christoffer Mattson

  13. Petar Gogov - Claimed

  14. hemlock La

  15. Jam Albores - Claimed

  16. Charlotte Commodore - Claimed

  17. Igor igorkho

  18. Γιώργος Λιβάνης

  19. David Camp

  20. Joe Stark - Claimed

  21. Marcos Perez - Claimed

  22. aviel levi

  23. Jeffrey Parr - Claimed

  24. Ken Pinard

  25. Linda Stellfox

  26. Heather Daggett - Claimed

  27. Jack Don

  28. gigi ion - Claimed

  29. Vitamin Hero - Claimed

  30. Lady Majyck - Claimed

  31. Cory Pitzer - Claimed

  32. Wayne Little

  33. Alex Play

  34. pramod mishra

  35. Darin Fic - Claimed

  36. Viking - Claimed

  37. Charles Dyson

  38. A L - Claimed

  39. se and


  41. Alexandre Fiebig - Claimed

  42. Alex Connor - Claimed

  43. ermali82

  44. truegrasshopper - Claimed

  45. Isaac Finkelstein - Claimed

  46. Patrick Neufeld

  47. Julia Reidy - Claimed

  48. Adam Shelton

  49. Bhavik B

  50. Mark Downing

How to Enter The 2021 Winterfest FB/Web Sweepstakes:

  1. This sweepstakes is for All Facebook and Web Players!

  2. The sweepstakes is active now, and will end on December 26th at 12pm CST.

  3. Leave ANY comment on the Video linked here: When is Winterfest?

  4. The winners* will be decided at random; a random comment will be selected.

  5. There will be 50 Winners Chosen. (25 for HW Web, 25 for HW Facebook)

  6. The winning commenters will receive one of three gift boxes:

  • 500 Skin Stone Chests (contain 5000 Skin Stones of player’s choice).

  • 30 Summoning Spheres, 30 Artifact Chest Keys, and 10 Pet Summoning Eggs.

  • 5 Bottled Energy, 3 Portal Charges, and 500,000 Gold.

*players from countries who have blocked purchase of items from mobile games are not eligible for this prize.

Invalid Entries:

  1. A comment containing language that's against Youtube's Community Guidelines

  2. A comment made on a date and time outside of the sweepstakes period listed in How To Enter #2.

  3. A comment containing any personal information.

  4. A comment from a player that lives in a country that has blocked the purchase of items from mobile games.

Youtube Contest Policies and Guidelines

  1. Hero Wars Central is solely responsible for this contest.

  2. This is a sweepstakes, and it is free to enter for everyone.

  3. Hero Wars Central will not be collecting or saving any user's personal information at any time during this sweepstakes.

  4. The sweepstakes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Youtube in any way. Youtube is released from all liability related to the sweepstakes.

  5. Additionally, Youtube does not sponsor the sweepstakes in anyway.

  6. There will not be any use of automatic 3rd party tools or plugins to manage the giveaway.

  7. The sweepstakes is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nexters Global LTD, Hero Wars, Hero Wars Mobile, or any of its subsidiaries.

  8. Nexters Global LTD, Hero Wars, Hero Wars Mobile, or any of its subsidiaries are released from all liability related to the sweepstakes.

  9. I have committed to and will abide by Youtube's Privacy Policy, Community Guidelines, and Terms of Service, and Contest Policies and Guidelines, linked here:





Prize Disclaimer:

  1. Sweepstakes prizes are refreshed for Hero Wars Central at the beginning of each calendar month.

  2. A maximum of 50 winners will be chosen per video.

  3. On some very rare occasions, the winning commenter will receive their game item at the beginning of the following calendar month.

  4. Hero Wars Central will make every best effort to award the winning commenter within 24 hours of the end of the sweepstakes.

  5. There may be an occasion that a prize isn't available due to an uncontrollable circumstance, up to and including the game itself not loading properly. The prize will then be awarded at the beginning of the following calendar month.

  6. If no item is made available, the winning commenter will receive a gift card in an equivalent amount to the prize.

  7. In the event that a winning commenter is ineligible, or unreachable, a new winning commenter will be chosen as soon as possible.


I Love You All, And Good Luck in Dominion!

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1 commentaire

O July
O July
23 déc. 2021

Christmas "Charlie" Dangerous!!!! I understand now what you've been doing with your gifts "you sly contest haver you".... Sweet Setup Guy! Thanks again for content.

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