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Why Hero Wars' Prices Keep Going Up

Why isn't Nexters making changes?

Why is Nexters not reacting against all the commotion around the new Heroes Way pricing and rewards? Well, let's discuss it. Let's get into why Nexters is not reacting against all the commotion around the new Heroes Way formula.

Lack of Response from Community Managers

First of all, I want to say this: I reached out to Elina this morning via private message and got no response. There's a lot of people that are really big mad, you know. Are we surprised? Is anybody surprised at the anger and the outrage at this point? I don't know.

I expect that the CM's are overwhelmed at the moment; and of course we have to remember that the CM's don't set policy, game design, etc. They just talk to players with what they're "allowed" to say.

Expected Reactions from Community Managers

They are not reacting because what would you expect them to react with? An apology? They're not going to do that. Do you expect them to react with a sweeping change to their reward structure? Well, we know that they're going to be pushed, that they're taking feedback from the first season, and they'll probably implement it by the third season, right?

Process and History

The way that this stuff usually works, from what I understand, is you design it, and then once everything is working properly, you just basically copy and paste it, right? Tweaking things.

How do they see the future of this game? I mean, we know why they changed the price of the Hero's Way (and tasks): to make more money.

From the first season, they probably thought it went well until they noticed a big drop-off from the second season. There was a large number of people that bought season 1 and then immediately realized that they had no hope of finishing it as a free-to-play or a low-paying player. They realized that they could only get to like level 14 to 20 unless they continued to spend. I think those people are deciding not to spend this time around, and hopefully, they take that data and make some tweaks for season 3.

Regret and Strategy

I regret buying season one, and so do many others.

But you know the really cool thing about this, and I say this only barely tongue-in-cheek: those among us who are spenders aren't too upset about this kind of stuff. There really wasn't much fun things to spend on aside from just another package of emeralds anyway, which you could get easily by playing other games and spending in other games.

You could have Tenebris today. You could have a three-star Tenebris today if you wanted to. The Titan of Darkness, the super Titan of Darkness that's going to be here in the next week, you could have her today.

Advice for Players

Wouldn't it be better to wait for the Tenebris event to claim the soul stones?

Guys, I would say it's not a bad idea to wait until the Tenebris event to collect the soul stones. If you are one of those players, use the event coins to buy Tenebris three-star for fewer coins.

First of all, we have to assume that we can buy soul stones during the event, which I think is a safe assumption. If you can buy Tenebris soul stones, it stands to reason that the lower tier of Tenebris, like zero-star Tenebris, one-star, etc, is going to be less expensive than buying soul stones for a four-star Tenebris.

So, you could have Tenebris today, but I say don't do it.

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1 Comment

Sam Leadingham
Sam Leadingham
Jun 12

Sam Leadingham, android, 557995949, I couldn't agree more on the hero's way! My only fear is they can't make the changes in time for season 3. I hope they would make some of the upcoming events in the meantime giving more hero's way points in them before the next season as an "apology"

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