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Vex Live Stream Recap

Here's all the stuff from the Official Hero Wars Dominion Era Vex Live Stream!

Free Hero Wars Dominion Era Gifts!

Check the description of the Live Stream for the links to the Free Gifts for Facebook and Web!

Click on the video image below to jump to the full live stream!

Vex Live Stream Giveaway

Winners will be contacted directly by Hero Wars Community Managers!

From the Official Hero Wars Dominion Era Social Media:

Hey everyone! On October 18 at 4 PM UTC, we are having a LIVE STREAM: come meet Vex and check out the upcoming event with us! We will be also giving away 10 Absolute Vexes*! To participate in the contest, do 2 simple things: 1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel. 2. Leave 1 comment with your Account ID under this video: PLEASE NOTE that comments without an Account ID will be dismissed from the contest. You can find your account ID by clicking your in-game avatar.
The winners will be determined via Full Rules of the Contest:
* Each winner will receive 3710 Vex's Soul Stones, sufficient for absolute pet's evolution.

Vex Pet Information

Patronage Stats: What stats does Vex give to his Patron'd Hero?

Physical Attack and Armor Penetration

  • Patron'd ability Deep Wounds CANNOT BE REMOVED by Sebastian, Nebula, or Celeste etc.

  • If a hero dies and is revived, the Deep Wounds stack of debuffs falls off

  • Vex's abilities are unaffected by Axel

Vex Event Details

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1 Comment

Roman Sky
Roman Sky
Oct 19, 2023

Thanks for all the info. Well appreciated. Account: 11633806

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