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Spooky Festival(Shore of Madness) on HW Mobile!

"Shore of Madness" is Coming to Hero Wars Mobile on Oct 26th! It will be a 7 day event, very similar to past events. Here is the official teaser video from Nexters:

We sort of already knew that Yasmine is coming to Mobile, but it's nice to have some confirmation!

You'll be able to purchase Yasmine at 3stars (and continue to purchase a 4star, 5star, and 6star) just like in past events.

Also, the new 2020 Devil skins will be available!

Check out the artwork on the new Devil (Sea Spirit?) Skins, for Corvus, Morrigan, and Sebastian!

Sebastian DEFINITELY looks like

Captain Jack Sparrow!

It looks like we'll be facing off against a number of cool new boss models, as well as K'arkh in his Outland Boss Form!

This also looks to follow the same pattern as previous events.

Here are some videos I've done on Yasmine recently, discussing her skills, why she's so strong, and how to counter her:

I love you all, and Good Luck in Dominion!

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