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September 2023 Events Revealed!

Here are the Events Coming to Hero Wars Dominion Era in September 2023

What are the Next Hero Wars Dominion Era Events?

Ascension to Asgard

Ascension Resources Event

Strongford Quiz

Double Event with Misc. Resources

Second Event

Time of the Fearless

Free2Play Skin Stone Event

(need to make a video)

Elemental Synergy

Titan Artifact Event

Depths of Horror & New Skins

Hero Skin Stone Event

Hero Wars Guide Link

(need to make a video)

Clash of the Titans

Titan Brawl with Shop

The Great Storm

Pet Resource Event

Lars and Krista Event

Hero Event w/Shop

(need to make a video)

Autumn Festival

Get some drinks

(need to make a video)

The Guardians of Outland

Hero Skin Stone Event

New Season

4x Mini Seasons in one!

Hero Wars Guide Link

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ronald christie
ronald christie
2023년 8월 29일

Are they EVER going to offer the last two heroes, Aidan and Kayla again? I missed the April event and have been waiting for those two to be offered again. Maybe Christmas?

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