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Sebastian Event! (HWM) May 24-26th

What is Up, Heroes of Dominion!?

Starting in just about 12 hours from now (9pm Central Time / 2am UTC), there is a new basic Hero Soul Stone/Nesting Doll Event, focusing on the Hero Sebastian!

Sebastian was added to the game 2 Winterfest's ago, along with the Lian Rework.

Earn Cash, with InboxDollars!

Hero Wars Mobile has a Sebastian Event!

Thanks to Friend of the Community LoadRunner, the tasks for the event will be:

1. Spend Energy


2. Spend Emeralds


3. Login


4. Buy Emeralds (Resets Daily)




I Love You All, And Good Luck in Dominion!

Earn Cash, with InboxDollars!

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