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Player Feeback - Reworked Kai (mobile)

by Fenix aka Matthew Dimalanta - Mobile S348

A Big THANKS to Fenix for Guest-Blogging today!

Kai has several uses:

1) he's still an awesome buddy with K'arkh. A better buddy because he is a lot sturdier now.

2) Kai works very well will all Mage teams. That shouldn't be a shock though.

3) Could Kai be the new mage version of Keira? I have noticed that Kai is generally now the last man standing on a team when you lose (or sometimes make epic comebacks).

With his increased damage his vampirism keeps him up in a similar fashion to a maxed out Galahad or a Keira that is standing next to a dead Dorian. My Kai is near max and I can tell you in my testing he can make crazy comebacks. It's not quite as bad as a max Galahad, but it's close.

When Kai gets going, they have to do enough damage to drop him in 1 or 2 shots because Kai will get all his health back from vampirism. This makes the new Kai/K'arkh teams on mobile disgusting if they have put the work into maxing out Kai. You would think that It would make the Kai/K'arkh/Faceless teams even nastier, but in testing, not so much. Kai/K'arkh get much more out of the extra support than from Faceless' copying.

For Mage teams, Kai boosts the magic attack, and tends to be the flagship hero on the team. Good enough to build around? I am not sure of that yet. I want to say "no", but I am not sure yet. I have found Kai to be a huge boosts to ODH (Orion/Dorian/Helios) and Twins teams; more for Twins than ODH. Like Keira, Kai has his own penetration so you don't need to pair with Orion/Faceless/Lars/Mojo, and you can focus on support instead. I just don't know if it's enough to build around because Kai can be 1-2 shotted in certain instances. That said, if they can't get him down like that, he basically lives forever, because unlike Keira, he comes with his own vampirism.

The Verdict:

1) K'arkh has his old buddy back. They make an awesome team and you don't get Faceless misfires.

2) Kai is now a beast on mage teams.

3) Kai might/maybe/possibly be good enough to build around, but I am not sure of that yet. I am also only noticing this on a very invested Kai. Guildmates that I have shared information with have tested their weaker versions of Kai and have gotten the same results with K'arkh, but not found him able to be built around. That can be said of many heroes though that they need to be built up before they are good.

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