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Mobile: March 8th Leaks!

Thanks so much to LoadRunner for the info!

Today, we woke up to a whole lot of great information about the upcoming months in Hero Wars mobile!

New YouTubers:

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Future Heroes of the Month Leaked:

  • April: Cornelius

  • May: Markus

  • June: New Hero!

Cornelius was recently reworked a bit on mobile, to have some added damage. Typically, whenever a Hero is revamped or reworked, they make them the Hero of the Month the following month. We did a video about that a few weeks ago, if you want to check out the specifics:

Worth noting, neither Helios nor Judge are showing as Heroes of the Month through the rest of Spring. This is interesting because they're both teased as getting reworks in the near future. This tells us that the reworks are not going to be until at least late May or June.

This also tells us that the new hero, who we know little about, will likely be released either in April or May! Since they wouldn't make them the Hero of the Month the same month as their release.

What we do know, is that this Hero will be positioned between Galahad and Ishmael! Check out Hero Positions here:

Titan Artifact Info:

The following new stats were added to the game files today as well:

  • damageTo_fire

  • damageTo_earth

  • damageTo_water

  • defenseFrom_fire

  • defenseFrom_earth

  • defenseFrom_water

As best as I can assume, these are referring to the upcoming Titan Artifacts being added to Hero Wars Mobile! The BROWSER version of the game has these stats on their titan artifacts.

The pic on the right represents the elemental weakness "rock-paper-scissors" that we have on browser. Will it be the same on mobile? It would make sense!

Additionally, here are the new stats' power coefficients:

  • damageTo:

    • "fire":0.068000000000000005,"earth":0.068000000000000005,"water":0.068000000000000005

  • defenseFrom:

    • "fire":0.31900000000000001,"earth":0.31900000000000001,"water":0.31900000000000001

Leprecats and Shop Info:

The Leprecats event is right around the corner, and with it comes a bunch of new bundles to purchase, as well as potentially a "Leprecat Shop" that will have purchasable items for an event currency.

<< Here is a link to last year's Leprecat event. It looks like the event went live on March 20th, 2020.

Leprecats rewards chance change from last year to this year:

  • 250000 gold 40 -> 20

  • 500000 gold 30 -> 15

  • 1000000 gold 10 -> 5

A few shop images were also leaked, but they're unconfirmed as belonging to the Leprecat event.

Shop Tab Re-Order

The last bit of leaked info is that the shop tab is being re-ordered. We're not sure why yet, but this is exactly what LoadRunner found:

"shopSortOrder":[{"sortOrder": ["merchant","goblin","godfather","guild","arena","tower","socialShop","boss","grandArena","soulshop","cinema"]}]

We'll be talking about all of this during today's live stream!

I love you all, and Good Luck in Dominion!

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