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Hero Wars Daily 10-2-2023

Table of Contents

Hero Wars Dominion Era News for October 2nd, 2023

Guardians of Outland - The Best Event in Hero Wars Dominion Era

The Guardians of Outland special event is on! Complete Quests to get Outland Coins, Skin Stones, and Energy! October 2nd - October 5th

Check out my Guardians of Outland Event Guide in the video to the right:

Guardians of Outland ROI is 98%

Pet Season & Seasonal Adventure!

Pet season in October 2023 is going to be a month long, but with some changes over previous Pet Seasons. You can see from the teaser pic that the Gift of Sanctuary is still likely the grand prize! But what other changes will we see?

Read the Official Social Media Statement from Hero Wars!

Pet Season and Seasonal Adventure are coming to Hero Wars: get ready to complete new quests, earn season experience, and get tons of valuable prizes! Pet Season will start on October 4, while Seasonal Adventure will begin later this week — join our live stream to learn more about them!
And on October 3 at 4 PM UTC, we are going to have a Giveaway Live Stream — don't miss your chance to win one of 10 Gold Tickets for the upcoming Season! To participate, do 2 simple things: 1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 2. Leave 1 comment with your Account ID under this video:
PLEASE NOTE that comments without an Account ID will be dismissed from the contest. You can find your account ID by clicking your in-game avatar.
Full Rules of the Contest:
Good luck and see you soon!

LoadRunners FB/Web Leaks

Hero Wars Alliance News for October 2nd, 2023

Heroic Chest Changes Coming!

Something new will soon appear in Heroic Chest! And here's a little hint:

Take a look at the picture! What's this bright thing that will be added to the Chest soon?

Join the Alliance!

I think that we're getting Titan Skins added to the chest!

LoadRunner Leaks!

Here are some leaked pieces of art that LoadRunner datamined for us Today! It looks like there will be a new SkyShips Event coming soon.

Daily Social Media Gift!

Guardian, head to Chapter 2 Mission 5 (Thick Forest) and check your in-game mail for a gift!

The task is available till October 3, 6 PM (UTC), team level 10 required. The gift will stay in your in-game mail only for 3 days after completing the mission!

Today's Live Stream

No live Stream Until Thursday October 5th, 2023

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