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Galahad 101 (mobile) - by Arcana Gaming


Role: Tank

Primary stat: Strength

Auto attack: Physical

Position: 8th (front)


• Iron Skies (white) – Deals AoE physical damage to all enemies.

• Unstoppable Charge (green) – Rams enemies to remove negative status effects. AoE damage.

• Retaliation (blue) – Attacks enemy with the lowest health.

• Harun's Pride (violet) – Passive. Adds extra, pure damage to the Iron Skies skill.


• Default Skin – Increases strength.

• Angel Skin – Increases physical attack.

• Champion Skin – Increases health

• Romantic Skin – Increases armor


• Harunian Sword – Increases team's physical attack for 9 seconds when Iron Skies is activated.

• Defender's Covenant – Increases armor and magic defense.

• Ring of Strength – Increases strength (increases auto attack damage)

Soul Stones: found in campaign missions.

Glyphs: +physical attack, +armor, +health, +magic defense, +strength

Maximum Stats: • Intelligence – 2,300 • Agility – 2,785 • Strength – 10,678 • Health – 624,262 • Physical Attack – 33,570 • Armor – 28,490 • Magic Attack – 6,900 • Magic Defense – 15,316 • Vampirism – Yes (45%)


Galahad is the standard bearer. He used to be a warrior, but was recently reworked. Though his skills don't reflect is, he now has the role of a tank. He's a good tank, but doesn't have the defensive capabilities of Astaroth or Ziri. He doesn't shield the team. He has no control or support effects. He has good individual armor, but he is considered an offensive tank. His strength lies in his ability to pump out damage to the entire enemy team, and to increase the physical damage of his teammates. He is also one of only two heroes in the game who can remove control effects from himself (via his green skill).

His Unstoppable Charge is quite useful not only to remove negative control effects from himself, but to knockback the enemy tank and expose the second hero to more damage early in a fight. It also means that because he's rushing forward periodically, he'll usually bear the brunt of auto attack damage and skills that target your front line.

He is one of five heroes in the game who has the vampirism skill. His Iron Skies skill deals AoE damage to all enemies, so he can regain quite a lot of health each time he ults.

Galahad's skills are affected by his physical attack stat.

Uses and Synergies:

Even though Galahad is versatile and has exceptionally good individual armor, he should be used offensively. He can be used situationally on defensive teams to great effect, but he truly shines on teams that concentrate on maximizing physical damage. Keira, K'arkh, Ginger, Fox, Qing Mao, Artemis, and Dante are examples of heroes who greatly benefit from Galahad's presence on the team.

Galahad's artifact contribution and impressive physical damage output can help your team quickly take out a team of squishy mages and healers. He's very useful against teams featuring Rufus as a tank. He used to be a warrior before his rework took away his crit hit chance and gave him more tanky glyphs. Jet is likely the hero that Galahad will benefit from the most, and adding him to the lineup will allow Galahad to relive his glory days.

Because his skills still reflect his prior warrior role, Galahad can also fill in nicely behind Ziri or Luther. These two tanks abandon their position at the front line for a time, and need someone to temporarily take the hits in their absence. Galahad is a good option for that.

Avoid Jorgen. He will target Galahad and deny him energy. If Galahad can't gain energy, he can't ult. If he can't ult, he can't deal his damage. That's what Galahad brings to a team, so against Jorgen he loses everything he has to offer a team and becomes a warm body at the front of the lineup who absorbs auto attacks.

The general rule is this. When you need defense, you choose Astaroth. When you want offense, you go with Galahad.

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