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Eternal Summer Season 2

Everything we know about Eternal Season 2

What is it?

Eternal Summer Season 2 is a 30 Day "event" that has daily tasks to complete. Doing this daily quests will level up the battle pass and unlock rewards.

There is a "Free-2-Play" reward path (the top row from the "Prizes" section below) and a "Pay-2-Win" reward path. This second path is unlocked by buying a Golden Ticket for $45 USD, or by receiving a gifted Golden Ticket at a 30% Discount.


Notable Prizes:

Satori Beach Skin - Magic Penetration

This is a good skin for Satori, but this is a limited-time-only skin. You can get it now (only if you buy the Golden Ticket at $45 USD) or you can wait until next year and buy it for presumably $15.

Rufus Beach Skin - Magic Defense

Please do not level up this skin, it will make Rufus worse.

Same limited-time-only as Satori skin

Iris Beach Skin - Health

This is the grand prize, and it's a poor grand prize.

Same limited-time-only as Satori skin

What about Eternal Summer Season 1 Beach Skins?

Eternal Summer Season 1 had skins EXCLUSIVE/LIMITED TIME ONLY skins for Kai, Lian, Artemis, and Cleaver. If you did not buy the Golden Ticket during this season, you have never been able to get them. Fortunately, during Eternal Summer Season 2, they will be available as a bundle for real money. The question I have, is are they STILL limited time only, or will they be purchasable from now on?

Daily Tasks

Note that the 4th Daily Quest each day is only available if you have the Golden Ticket

Days 1-12

Days 13-24

Days 25

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