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Dec 2022 FB/Web Events

Thanks to LoadRunner for Datamining the Info!

The FB/Web Hero of the Month is

Rumored to be Jorgen!

Confirmed Winterfest 2022 Skins:

  • Fafnir

Event List (the second half of the month is TBD)

  • Dec 2-4 Legacy of the Great Ones (Hero Artifact Event)

  • Dec 5th (one day) Time of the Fearless + x4 Emerald Sale (Free2Play Event)

  • Dec 6-8 Guardians of Outland (Hero Skin Stone Event)

  • Dec 9-11 Foundations of Power (Titan Skin Stone Event)

  • TBD - Aidan Hero Event?

  • Probably Dec 23 - Winter Festival

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