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Common Game Terms

Absolute: 6 stars evolution

AoE: area of effect; damage directed at an area of a lineup and its surrounding enemies

AP: armor penetration

Aura: Dorian’s initiation (violet) skill

Auto attack: basic attacks your heroes perform to gain energy and use skills

Auto mode: letting the AI play for you; activates skills immediately when available

Blender: opting for extra damage in a lineup instead of healing/support/control

Bob: K’arkh

Buff: a positive status effect

Control: the control role; negative status effects that hinder enemies

Counter: a hero or lineup that effectively negates or lessens the effectiveness of another

Crit: crit hit chance

DD: Daredevil

Debuff: a negative status effect

Default: the skin a hero starts with

DPS: damage per second; heroes whose primary function is dealing damage

Drop: an item looted from the campaign

Energy: gained during battle and used to activate ultimate (white) skills

F2P: free to play; not spending real money on the game.

Farm: replaying campaign missions to drop specific items

Game clock: 24 hour period between daily quest resets

Gems: emeralds

GoE: gift of elements

Guild clock: 24 hour period between guild activity resets

Healer: the healer role; a hero who can restore health

MA: magic attack stat

Mage: the mage role

Manual mode: choosing which skills to activate and when to activate them during battle

Marksman: the marksman role

MD: magic defense

Meta: most effective tactic available

MP: magic penetration

Multi target: damage that targets multiple positions

ODH: Orion, Dorian, Helios

P2P/P2W: pay to play, or pay to win; spending real money to save time or gain an advantage

PA: physical attack Passive: a skill that is always active or in effect

Position: one of five spots a hero can fill in a team lineup

Main/Primary stat: the stat (agility, intelligence, or strength) a hero is assigned in its profile

RNG: random number generator; how developers calculate randomness

Role: one of six designations that helps define what a hero brings to a lineup

Single target: damage targeting a single position

Spheres: titan spheres

Stacking: gaining new stat bonuses on top of previously gained bonuses

Stones: skin stones or soul stones Supers: super titans

Support: the support role; positive status effects that benefit teammates

Synergy: interactions between heroes that provide additional benefit

Tanks: the tank role; the function a hero typically provides by standing in the 1st position

Team level: your player level (not hero level)

Timeout: winning or losing due to the battle timer counting down to 0:00

Twins: Krista and Lars

Ult: Ultimate (white) skill

Vampirism: the ability to regain a portion of health from damage dealt to enemies

Warrior: the warrior role

White/Green/Blue/Violet/Orange/Red: referring to colors of resources, skills, and promotion levels

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