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7th Anniversary Sweepstakes Nov 8th, 2023

Here's your chance to win a 5000 Holiday Coins!

Guardians, it's Hero Wars 7th Anniversary!


t's time to celebrate and have lots of fun. The Archdemon is invited to the celebration, so he has organized a fun activity for the bravest! Participate in exciting battles with Archdemon, gather the best team, and earn lots of rewards.

Do you think it's that easy? It's not; every day Archdemon will receive new improvements, so you'll have to try hard to fight him effectively under the new conditions.

Celebrate in new outfits! The new Stellar Skins are already in the game! And don't forget to get a Skin+ for Iris.

Here's How To Enter:

1. Open to Hero Wars Mobile Players!

2. Leave your ACCOUNT ID as comment on THIS VIDEO (also posted down below)

3. 5 comments will be drawn at random Sunday, November 12th at 12pm Central Time.

4. Winners will be contacted by Hero Wars Alliance Community Managers!

5. Winners will receive a 5000 Holiday Coins!

For Complete Rules and Policies regarding Sweepstakes, and other contests like this, GO HERE.

Where Can You Spend the Holiday Coins?

During the event, there will be an event shop (pictured to the right, click on it).

Winners will receive their coins on the final days of the event, so be sure to spend them!

Go To YouTube, and Leave the Comment on THIS VIDEO:

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