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The Secrets of the Dragon Mountains Quick Reference Guide (FB/Web)

Fafnir and improved Ishmael are in the game! Participate in the Secrets of the Dragon Mountains event to complete quests, defeat bosses, and earn Fafnir Coins! Summon the new hero, Fafnir, as well as upgrade him and an improved Ishmael using their Dolls from the Fafnir's Forge!

And make sure to check out the special Stellar Skins Chests in the Fafnir's Forge. They have a chance of containing the new Stellar Skins of Level 40 for Markus, Tristan, and Andvari. These Skins will be available only from the Stellar Skins Chests, so don't miss the opportunity to get them!

The Event is September 16th - 22nd, 2022.

The event, its quests, and the special map will disappear on September 23, 5 AM UTC, and the Fafnir's Forge (Shop) will be there for one more day, till September 24, 5 AM UTC. Shortly after the Forge's closing, your remaining Fafnirs Coins and Runestones will be exchanged for Fafnir Dolls:

Work In Progress

Event Tasks

  • Login

  • VIP

  • Buy Emeralds

  • Spend Emeralds

  • Complete Missions on Event Map

  • Spend Energy

  • Open Outland Chests

  • Open Tower Chests

Event Currency Conversion Rate:

750 Fafnirs Coins = 1 Fafnir Doll

3 Runestones = 1 Fafnir Doll

Resource Spending Strategy for this Event's Tasks:

This event has a low return on investment for emeralds (most hero-focused events do). These are the suggested spending plan from fellow YouTuber/Content Creator Hero Wars Guide:

  1. Only spend energy up to f2p levels (ie: do not over-spend emeralds for energy)

  2. Opening outland chests is a good return up to 75, a medium return up to 125, and very bad after.

  3. Only spend emeralds up to about 3k; any spent after that has a bad return on spend from 3k all the way to and including 70k. 90k mediocre

Event Shop Buyers Guide

  1. Stellar Chests First

  2. 8k Fafnir Purchase

  3. Fafnir Dolls if you Want him

  4. LeMorts/Lycanthropes Fangs

Max Stats- Fafnir

Maxed Skills- Fafnir

Max Stats- Ishmael

(no change to stats, skills were reworked)

Maxed Skills- Ishmael

Daily Map Quests

These tasks will reward you with the currency you need to fight bosses each day

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