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The Path of the Warrior/Cosmic Battle Guide

The Cosmic Battle" and "The Path of a Warrior" special event are in Dominion!

Key Takeaways from this Blog:

  • The Path of the Warrior is the group of tasks associated with the overall event

  • The Cosmic Battle is the Pay2Win PVP activity associated with this overall event

  • The Best Thing to Buy from the Cosmic Battle Shop

The Path of the Warrior

"The Path of a Warrior" special event is live! Complete quests, get Cosmic Battle Chests, and Cosmic Battle Coins that can be exchanged for handy items and other valuable resources in the Cosmic Battle Shop!

Complete Event Spending Calculator from Hero Wars Guide is not yet available

The Cosmic Battle

Get ready for "The Cosmic Battle" (from team level 40 and higher)!

The rules are simple: gather your defense team of unbanned heroes, find opponents, beat them in battles, and defend yourself! For this, you'll be getting Cosmic Battle Coins which you can exchange for rare goods in Cosmic Battle Shop! And note that you can fight both in Auto and Manual modes — test your skills!

How do you Earn Cosmic Battle Coins?

Check out the League Rules — the number of coins you get depends on the League and Division you are in, as well as your win streak! There is no limit on gaining Cosmic Battle Coins — fight and earn them as much as you want! At the end of the event, the top 50 players will get extra coins and a unique avatar frame — you can find the list of final rewards by clicking the Info button in the Cosmic Battle Rankings tab.

Make sure to read the Cosmic Battle event rules in case you still have any questions — you can find the rules by clicking the blue Info button in the Cosmic Battle. How Does the Ban Phase Work?

What are the Best Buys from the Cosmic Battle Shop?

Thanks to Calorifere for this spreadsheet! Click on the image to download the spreadsheet.

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