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Shore of Madness Mega Post! (HW Mobile Halloween 2020)

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

This is a seven day event that starts on Oct 26th - Nov 1st 2020.

(the evening of the 25th in the USA)

Shore of Madness Event, Simplified:

There are Three parts to this event!

1) The Shore of Madness Event that can be found in the "Special Events" Tab.

You'll perform one of the event tasks to earn the "Ancient Scrolls" to fight the story missions, and the bosses, in the event adventure map.

The Shore of Madness Event Tasks are:

  1. Spend Emeralds (Repeatable)

  2. Spend Energy (Repeatable)

  3. Outland Battles (NOT Chests)

  4. Arena/Grand Arena Battles

  5. Collect Hero Soul Stones (Repeatable)

  6. Promote Yasmine to Orange Rank

  7. Login 7 Times

2) The Adventure Map is a clickable location in the bottom right corner of the main lobby; this will take you to a 7 part story (which unravels every day).

End of Day 1 Adventure Map

At the end of Day 1's story, you'll earn yourself a 1 Star Yasmine!

After you complete the first day's story, click on the little book icon, to collect some free Ancient Scrolls. This will replenish itself by one every 2 hours, up to an assumed max of 12!

Next, you should perform the tasks in the Quest location; these will reset each day. These small tasks are relatively easy to complete, and will reward you with more Ancient Scrolls.

An example of some of the Daily Quests

Here are Days 2 through 7 Quests:

What do we do with the Ancient Scrolls?

There are Bosses to fight each day. These bosses will start off at the same level as your current Team Level, and will level up each time you fight them.

A new Boss will appear at the daily reset (9pm CST for me!).

These bosses will require the Ancient Scrolls that you've earned to fight them.

You can fight them as often as you want, up to the bosses Max level. Once you hit that, you can RAID the boss fight!

Each time you defeat the boss, you'll earn some Yasmine Coins (and some random skin stones) which you'll use in the Yasmine Store.

Yasmine's Store

The Yasmine Store will allow you to purchase Yasmine at 3 Star (and then 4, 5 Star, etc).

You can also purchase the new Sebastian and Morrigan Devil Skins! There are also items to purchase, but they seem to be overpriced a bit.

Sunken Chest Contents and Probabilities

Finally, you can purchase Sunken Chests with your Yasmine Coins. This contains fantastic items!

The Grand Prize in the chest is Corvus' Devil Skin! At level 40, which is 56% of the way leveled up.

It's worth mentioning here, that any leftover Yasmine Coins will convert to these chests at the end of the event.

Thanks Cedlam for the chart, and LoadRunner for the info!

3) Themed Buyable Bundles

These are bundles added to the game for a limited time at the beginning of the event. There's not much to say about these other than they cost real money, there are 6 of them, and they seem to be 'OK' deals.

That's it for Day1! If anything CRAZY happens in Day's 2 through 7, we'll update it here.

Happy Halloween!

Thanks to LoadRunner for Data Mining the Info!

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Ed Easter
Ed Easter
Oct 30, 2020

Question on mobile: is the tentacle frame in the bottom right of the change avatar menu from another event or is it new?


Oct 29, 2020

Great info. Question: earlier you mentioned to not tap the maya soul stones in the campaign until the Halloween event. Is this a good time to collect all 90?


Vijay Bangalore
Vijay Bangalore
Oct 28, 2020

Thoughts on Astroth, Yasmine, Satori, Jorgen and Martha?

I subbed out Celeste from my main 5 to create this team, so they were fairly solid.

Martha's haste and Jorgen's energy tax seem to put the enemy team in a vice while Satori and Yasmine just destroy.

I've only been playing a few months, so feel free to set me straight.


Thiago Nogueira
Thiago Nogueira
Oct 26, 2020

The part where you show quests 2-7 day are repeated! You put twice 5-7 day, and did not put 2-4. Otherwise, great content, man!


Jan-Michael Valer
Jan-Michael Valer
Oct 26, 2020

hello, can someone check this out, I just tried attacking the Yasmine event boss "Lord" even with the timer counting down and I was able to, gave the usual rewards 750 event coins and 200 skin stones, is this a bug? or are you supposed to farm him for 24 hours?

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