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Hero's Way // September Season Pass // Hero Wars Mobile

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

"The Hero's Way" Season will Start Sept 1st and last 25 days!

Watch this space! It will be continually updated.

Big thanks to LoadRunner for data-mining the info!


Click the image below and use code: "HWC10" to take 10% off the cost of your Order!


The first of the monthly BattlePass Seasons on Hero Wars Mobile starts on September 1st at 2am UTC and will last for 25 days! There will be 2 sets of rewards that you can earn: a Free2Play set of rewards, and a Pay2Win Set of Rewards.

You'll earn these rewards by completing daily quests, to earn Season EXP. With careful planning, a Free2Play player can complete the entire season if they login everyday.

In order to earn the Pay2Win set of rewards, you'll need to purchase one of the "Golden Tickets." These tickets will only be active during the month in which they're purchased (IE: you can't buy one at the end of the month, and have it carry over into October)

Cost of September "Golden Ticket":

<under construction>

In the Season of The Hero's Way, you'll have the opportunity to purchase a Golden Ticket at any time. If you purchase a Golden Ticket later on in the month, you'll earn all the rewards that you've previously unlocked.

If you plan to level beyond the level 65 cap, you'll want a Golden Ticket; every level after 65 WITH a ticket gets you an extra coffer. Every OTHER level WITHOUT a Golden Ticket you'll get an extra coffer.

So far, it looks like the 1600 and 4000 Tier only provides you additional Season Levels, but we don't know for sure yet. When we do get more information, I will update this section.

Three tiers of Golden Pass:

400 VIP Tier ($10) // 1600 VIP ($40) // 4000 VIP ($100)

September Battle Pass Quests:

Below is the list of daily quests data-mined by LoadRunner.

There are 65 levels to the Season, each one bringing more and more rewards. If you advance beyond level 65, you'll receive additional rewards, but the Grand Prize is at level 65.

Experience Needed to Reach Level 65: 97,500 EXP

Experience Earned from Quests: 138,000 EXP

Experience Needed per Level after 65: 1500 EXP

(click on each image to expand it)

September Battle Pass Rewards:

(click on each image to expand it)

September Battle Pass Chests:

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aryan md
aryan md
Sep 02, 2021

The end times for the events is so out of sync. Earlier, the deadline reflected 5am local time. Now, it is reflecting 2am UTC. Horrible experience


Jaroslav Jahoda
Jaroslav Jahoda
Sep 01, 2021

All of my heroes are 120 lvl, how could I use EXP potion? If it is not possible, then the quests "Use 1 EXP potion" will be left uncompleted? Thanks

Jaroslav Jahoda
Jaroslav Jahoda
Sep 02, 2021
Replying to

If anybody is interested, the answer is now known. You do not need to use any EXP potion (since you could not), just claim the rewards and that is it.


Randy Von Zee
Randy Von Zee
Aug 31, 2021

I am not a mobile player, but interested to see how this goes, as compared to the recent Web Season fiasco

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