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New Pet: VEX!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

A new skeletal pet is coming to Hero Wars soon!

He will appear in the game next week. In the meantime, share your first impressions in the comments!

Key Takeaways:

How to Get Vex?

The Launch Event for Vex is called Creatures of the Night! This event will last 7 Days, and will begin on October 19th at 2am UTC (WEB) and 5am UTC (Facebook).

The Basic Gameplay Loop is this:

  1. Complete Tasks in the Creatures of the Night Event to earn Noctus' Orders

  2. Use the Noctus' Orders to fight enemies in the Event Map, to earn Essence of the Afterlife

  3. Use the Essence of the Afterlife to buy items in the Event Shop!

The Creatures of the Night event will have 8 Task Chains to Complete. The Rewards for completing the majority of these tasks is an item called Noctus' Orders. You will use this item to fight enemies in the Event Map!

Here are the Creatures of the Night Event Tasks:

  1. Login to the Game (7)

  2. Reach VIP Levels (7)

  3. Purchase Emeralds (90000)

  4. Spend Emeralds (120000)

  5. Complete Missions on the Vex Event Map (35)

  6. Spend Energy (18000)

  7. Use Pet Summon Eggs (75)

  8. Open Adventure Chests (20)

The Event Map. You can enter it through the portal on the main screen. There, you can fight different teams and get Essence of the Afterlife for winning. Moreover, there is a series of missions on the event map. Completing them will give additional Noctus' Orders as a reward and also add to the progress of certain event quests.

Essence of the Afterlife is an event currency that you can use in the event shop. We'll have more information about the event shop

What are Vex's Abilities?

This ultimate ability will target the entire enemy time, applying a physical damage over time effect to everyone.

With each tic of damage, the enemy team's armor will be reduced!

Curses the lowest health enemy with a debuff that causes them to take additional pure damage whenever they are hit with basic auto-attacks! Since this ability is labeled as a passive, I'm curious how this will work? Will it cast at the beginning of battle and stay on for the entire fight? Or hop around from hero to hero?

Whoever Vex is patron'd to will be able to apply a stacking debuff to the enemy, every time they hit them with a basic auto-attack.

This debuff amplifies the physical damage received by this hero, presumably by all allies (not just the patron'd hero)!

While this debuff can likely be removed by cleansing heroes (Sebastian, Nebula, Celeste) it's surely going to be helpful as fights progress!

What Heroes Can Vex Patron To?

The BEST BUYS from the Vex Event Shop!

Thanks to Calorifere for this work!

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