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Nature Season December 2023

We Know the Quests and Rewards!

What is Nature Season in Hero Wars Dominion Era?

Players need to complete seasonal quests to earn season experience. By earning enough experience the player will level up in the event and unlock new rewards. It is also possible to buy season experience in bundles after activating the Gold Ticket.

How Much Does the Golden Ticket Cost?

The Golden Ticket for Pet Season October 2023 cost $45 USD

You can gift guildmates a Golden Ticket, and it will cost $31 USD.

Nature Season Rewards

In the image, there are 4 rows of rewards, in sets of two. The top row is the Pay 2 Win Golden Ticket rewards, and the bottom rows are the Free 2 Play rewards! It looks like the Grand Prize is a Random Totem Fragment Sphere!

The overflow rewards at the end of the season are the Nature Boxes, also seen in previous seasons

What are the Magnifying Glass items?

They are called "Explorer's Moves."

You can earn a lot of them for free (so long as you complete all the quests in the season) but several you can only earn if you buy the Golden Ticket.

You can learn more about the new game mode: Mysterious Island by clicking on the image below!

Nature Season Quests

Finally, here are all of the Nature Season December 2023 Quests, thanks to LoadRunner!

There are three different kinds of quests:

Daily Quests (3 (4 with Gold Ticket) x 350 Experience)

Three-Day Quests (2 x 550 Experience)

Weekly Quests (2 x 1050 Experience)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've already summoned a Supertitan that I could get for the activated Gold Ticket. What will I receive instead?

  • What happens if I collect two "Energy Recovery x3" bonuses at once?

  • How many levels can I get without the Gold Ticket?

  • Will I receive all the rewards for the Gold Ticket if I buy it later, not from the start of the Nature Season?

  • Is the Gold Ticket only active for my account on one server?

  • Is the Gold Ticket active for all 30 days of the Nature Season?

  • What will happen to my current event level and my Gold Ticket if I transfer my account to another server?

  • Your Nature Season level and the Gold Ticket will be safely transferred with your account.

  • I have summoned and maxed out all the heroes except Cleaver / Tristan / Iris. How can I complete tasks where I need to level up or strengthen a hero?

  • I have all the Totems, what should I do with the Lesser Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere which I will receive for the Gold Ticket?

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Madison Breck
Madison Breck
Dec 20, 2023


Shaun Baker
Shaun Baker
Dec 04, 2023

The chests at the end interestingly include an explorer's move as one of the options. It also has, what must be an error, is a Supertitan of your choice box(700 soul stones) like the big prize in the strip as opposed to the box of 5 super titan soul stones of choice. I'm guessing that will change.

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