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What is the Mysterious Island?

Updated: Oct 8

What is the Mysterious Island Game Mode?

The Mysterious Island Game Mode is a new, limited-time only activity that launches on Saturday October 7th, 2023. In order to participate in this activity, you will need to collect "Explorer's Moves" from the Pet Season October 2023.

How does the Mysterious Island Work?

As you explore the map, you can see the blue question marks as move opportunities. You continue your way across the map, until you get to the tower at the end.

Complete Map with Rewards!

Thanks to Celestial (Web Server 181)!

What is the Best Path for Free 2 Play?

Thanks to Bluestripe!

What is the Most Efficient Path for the Big Prizes on the Mysterious Island?

What are the Big Prizes on The Mysterious Island?

Thanks to Hero Wars Secrets!

For my FULL Pet Season Break Down, Click the Image Below:

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