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Let's Talk About Blessed Teams -by Fenix

Which Path Will You Choose?

Today we have a Guest Blogger! Fenix from S348 on Hero Wars Mobile wanted to contribute to the community with a write-up for the Blessed Heroes, so here we go:

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Unlike Elves, where every elf has good synergy working with each other- and anytime you have two elves on the same team it's a good thing, "The Blessed" are similar to Undead where the focus is the synergy with Corvus. Thankfully with Blessed teams there are two characters to focus on. Tristan and Helios.

Everyone at the Blessed launch focused on Tristan, because he was the new character (and people love new and shiny).

I love Tristan and use him quite a bit. So because of that, and because he's new and shiny, let's start with him!

First of all, Tristan however has some serious limitations.

After exhaustive testing with him, we have learned that Tristan wants at least three Blessed characters on his team (including himself) and he also thrives when he has at least two characters in front of him. Getting three Blessed Heroes in front of him is easy... Getting three Blessed while having two characters in front of him? not so easy.

Heroes that have the Blessed Role:

Let's talk about where Tristan falls in the line order. He is a front line WARRIOR that is between Galahad and Ishmael. Now I am capitalizing warrior for a very good reason, because that is part of the challenges of building with him. There are zero warriors that are in front of Tristan, and only three decent offensive tanks.

The offensive tanks in front of Tristan are (in order): Chabba, Aurora, Corvus, & Galahad. There is someone missing from this list that sounds like an obvious inclusion: Luther.

Luther is technically an offensive tank, but the problem with him is that he doesn't stay in the line. He jumps dragoon style to the back line of the enemies team and starts wrecking house.

Because of this, he is a special case, and has to be treated differently; his being in a different place causes him to not only act differently than most tanks, but causes the enemy to treat him differently.

So let's go back to offensive tanks. Corvus is out, mainly because unless he is maxed out, he depends far too much on Undead synergy. A lot of people would be quick to point out that a maxed Corvus is very effective on a team without other undead, which is why I go ahead and put in the earlier exception.

On Hero Wars Mobile there is no "max testing," so rather than go into the advantages of using Corvus on a Blessed team, I will skip it as very few people have a maxed Corvus. If you have a maxed Corvus, feel free to send me a private message on Discord (@Fenix#6997). Here is a tiny morsel to get you started though: Corvus can be added to a combo of Tristan, Yasmine & Sebastian, and you've got the start of team that Twins hates to see.

Galahad is an automatic fit with Tristan! I have found ZERO teams that Tristan excels in that do not include Galahad.

There is a very good reason for this: Tristan wants 2 people in front of him. There are zero warriors in front of Tristan and only 2 really usable offensive tanks, Galahad and Aurora. Of those two, Galahad is Blessed and Aurora is not.

Galahad is a natural fit. Even though Tristan is a warrior, he is not very tanky. He doesn't have Vampirism (Ishmael), Dodge (Qing Mao), or any damage shields (K'arkh). Tristan has no such abilities which at the moment makes him decently fragile without additional skins. So, Tristan needs as much protection as he can get.

Aurora is a less natural fit, but a worthy inclusion in some teams; since she is an offensive tank, you can make a "Blender" style lineup with her and Galahad. Blender teams ignore the healer and attempt to defeat the enemy before they kill you. You can use Aurora without Galahad, but then you have the problem that Tristan still needs 3 Blessed Heroes. And without Galahad, that means the rest of your blessed have to be behind Tristan. This setup is a hard team to make synergistic... Not impossible, but hard.

Chabba is the tank everyone likes to pick on, but he does create an interesting niche. He eats the enemy tank for 4.0 seconds, leaving the enemy team exposed. If you want to make a blender style lineup with Blessed, Chabba creates an interesting choice. To use Chabba, your damage needs to be quick, to cripple the opposing team before he spits the tank back out again. Personally, I prefer going with a defensive tank because Tristan is so fragile.

So let's talk about the other tanks in front of Tristan. You cannot just use Galahad. I believe Galahad is the only tank with zero protective abilities and as we mentioned, Tristan is fragile. Here they are in order in front of Tristan:

Cleaver: too control-ish, not great synergy

Rufus: Not a great fit with Tristan, but you can do hilarious things with Helios

Luther... we'll talk about him more later.

Ziri & Astaroth are your money makers.

Ziri pulls attention away from Tristan with Focus of Hatred, and Astaroth protects him with Flame Veil. If damage gets through too quickly, from an enemy Satori for example, Last Word can resurrect him.

Now comes the fun part, focusing on the other less finicky Blessed Hero that you can synergize with: Helios.

Pic from official Hero Wars Instagram

Helios is far less picky of a hero, and he fits in with all kinds of teams. In fact, if you are having problems with crit heroes or crit teams, you need to be using Helios. But let's forget all that good stuff for a minute and just focus on how Helios fits in with Blessed teams.

Early on, people were trying to make Helios just be one of the heroes to synergize with Tristan; this is mostly a mistake. Helios solves the problem of getting a third Blessed member on the team, but he doesn't really synergize with Tristan much aside from that. He provides a bit of healing, but not enough to make him worth the inclusion.

The main reason for Helios and Tristan to be on the same team, is if you have an active Tristan team that runs up against a crit team... then you are using Helios in the same way everyone else uses Helios. That's not really focusing on a Blessed team.

There are seven Blessed Heroes. Let's list them with little footnotes on how they fit in with the Blessed:

Artemis - Gets used a lot with Helios for some reason, but late testing is showing that she might be a fit with Tristan. Add Jet for extra fun.

Cornelius - Works very well with both teams. Cornelius and Tristan love making Twins and Satori miserable (especially Satori)

Galahad - Mostly to be used with Tristan, but works in limited groups with Helios

Helios - The most powerful blessed. Doesn't play well with Tristan (except the previously given exception)

Luther - Only with Tristan, and frankly an entire separate article could be written on that interaction.

Markus - Seems like he would be a natural fit with Tristan, but is actually a better fit with Helios Tristan - The money trap that Nexters created to make people spend money incorrectly, then later on again once people actually figure how to properly use him. Tristan works well with Galahad, Artemis and Luther.

Helios is was originally though to be amazing with Artemis & Markus. That being said, lately they have been splitting them up and people have been adding Artemis to Tristan, Galahad and Jet. Helios is also very very good with Cornelius. They make Twins cry... a lot. Add Marcus & Celeste to make it a party.

Helios in general wants three Blessed heroes just like Tristan. However, it's a much easier fit without needing to be on the front line, and also needing two heroes in front of him.


So that is really what you need to know about Blessed teams. There are two paths. The Tristan path and the Helios path. Which of these paths, if any, will you choose?

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