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Jan22 Glyph Rework Live Q&A!

Thanks to GigaChabba from the Official Hero Wars Alliance Discord for the LIVE Q&A!

Find the official Hero Wars Alliance Discord here:

What is the conversion rate for our existing glyph resources?

Grey Rune - 30 Rune Stones

Green Rune - 60 Rune Stones

Blue Rune - 150 Rune Stones

Purple - 300 Rune Stones

Rune Spheres is a new resource, it will be available in the special events, the guild activity tasks, and so on. The Highwayman was cancelled compared with the first development document presented by the community managers, please pay attention to that!

How many new stones to get to 40? How many new stones to reach max for a glyph?

I won't be able to answer this question now, sorry - it requires more data I need to acquire to be presented accordingly.

Does the improved hero have to be on the attacking/defending team for other heroes in the class to get the class ability?

No, the class ability unlocks automatically for each hero in the class (once you unlock it, of course)

How/Where and in what quantities will we be able to earn the new glyph resource? (Since the level is increasing so drastically, will there be a way to earn more glyphs daily than we can now?)

The Rune Stones will be available in all the places when you earn them now (Shops, Guild Activity, chests/dolls, events, etc), the price in the Shops will be the same as it was before, but the amount will be increased approximately to +10%.

The Guild activity rewards are:

1000 Rune Stones for 17500 points

1500 Rune Stones for 29500 points

2000 Rune Stones for 55000 points

50 Rune Spheres for 75000 points

Will this increase the power levels of all in a class when you boost 1 or just the power level of the one you boosted?

The increase in power will affect all the heroes in the said class.

Does it give additional bonus to the class skill if I have two heroes of that class with maxed glyphs?

If you upgrade 2 heroes in the class to the maxed glyphs, for example, then yes - it will give the additional bonus to the class skill from these heroes.

Will class glyphs be available for all heroes on release or a select few every so often like talismans?

It will be instantly available for every hero in the game.

Is the reduction of armor/MD in the support ability considered a "debuff" for keyword purposes?

Yes, it is a Debuff in terms of the keywords.

Will the new class abilities replace the current faction purple skills?

I didn't understand what do you mean by the "faction purple skills", but just in case - all the purple (4th skills) of each hero stays as it is, the class abilities are new and additional skills for everyone.

Say I have a hero I want to get to 80. I open up things to 45 with the new resource from the highwayman Now I have to max that hero to all 45's before opening the 50 max level?

Yes, correct. After lvl 45, you need to upgrade the Class Rune to get the access to lvl 50, then upgrade all the glyphs on the said hero to the available maximum to be able to raise the max level Glyph cap once again (I hope this explanation is good enough, but feel free to ask the questions if something is unclear)

Do you have to max all heroes in a class to unlock the full potential of the class ability? Or just one?

You need to upgrade all of them to unlock the full potential.

Will the class ability of your opponent be hidden in wars and arena? Or will the class ability show up in the opponents overall team power level pre-fight?

The class abilities will be hidden from the opponent, but it will do affect the overall team power, that's correct.

If hidden, will we see it after the battle in the battle logs? Or will we just never know (other than looking at the damage, healing #'s during the battle)?

It won't be shown in the battle logs, similar to Skins, skill update level and so on.

Will the release be staggered (i.e. 40-50 in one release, 51-60 in a second)? Or is there some other mechanism built in to avoid a competition-breaking fiasco like what happened with Titan Artifacts?

It will be staggered, kind of. You need to have Rune Spheres to upgrade the Class Runes, and the quantity of them will be limited, so it is impossible to upgrade everything at once.

What is the release date?

January 25, the special event will start on January 26 (UTC time).

What will happen to dolls/chests currently in inventory that can randomly drop the old glyph resources? How will those conversions be handled?

The old Runes as the resources will be replaced everywhere by the special game script, including events, bundles, dolls, chests, etc.

Will glyphs still be upgradeable via emeralds directly as they are now?

Yes, this function stays as it is! Also take a note that Glyphs will no longer consume Gold for the upgrades - not on 0-40 stage, not on 40-80 either.

Aaaand that's all for today, thank you for coming! I'll return back here tomorrow 💪

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Fred Dogwalker
Fred Dogwalker
Jan 27

I don't anderstand anything at all about the new glyphs!!!!

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