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If you Ain't Cheating, You Ain't Trying. (HWM May19th 2021)

Hero Wars Mobile implements changes to the rules of leaving/joining guilds.

My Comments are down below the break...

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Important news! The addition of the Golden Horn of Summoning to the Titan Soul Shop has led to an unexpected situation: guilds have begun to disband in order to gather and re-kill Hydra. We believe that guild integrity is an important gameplay aspect, and misuse of such features not only destroys guild integrity, but also the importance of relationships between different players.

We have decided to temporarily limit the transition between guilds and are preparing a more convenient and detailed solution, which we will be able to present to you in one of our future updates. Let's take a look at the current changes:

1. The guild change cooldown time will be increased from 8 to 24 hours; 2. The cost of the first cooldown reset will remain the same, but the cost of the next transitions within one day will be changed to 20,000 Emeralds.

NOTICE: These changes will take effect in two stages. Cooldown reset will only be available once during the update process.


It looks like there may have been some unintended side-effects of all the recent changes to the Hydras, the shops, and various heroes!

Since we now have an easier time defeating the various hydra heads (via the reduced health of each head), and also we can buy Golden Horns to get extra attacks AGAINST those Hydra Heads, some players came up with the idea to swap guilds in order to quickly defeat the hardest Hydras multiple times (per day). This led to an unintentionally higher amount of Titan Artifact Resources earned across the newly created (and re-created) guilds!


A problem with this "fix," however, is that now players cannot swap guilds to test lineups against other players. It was a common practice in our guild, for a few of our players, to join another guild that had a player with a specific line-up of maxed out heroes, in order to test against their targets that week in Guild Wars/CSW.

Then, the players would return to their home guild to compete in the Guild War/CSW.

This change makes this tactic all but impossible.

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