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How to get Romantic Skins 2023

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Every February, Hero Wars Mobile Players get a unique Valentine's Day themed event! Along with the event, three heroes gain skins, and for 2023, those heroes are Keira, Jorgen, and Amira!

How do you get Romantic Skins?

Romantic Skins can be purchased during the 2023 Valentine's Day themed event for $14.99 USD.

Check out This Video (linked right) for full event details!

For a limited time only, the skins can only be purchased during this event, and only for real currency. However, after a few months, the skins will become available in Outland Chests (the same place you can get skin stones every day!) as a grand prize reward. When these three skins rotate in, 3 other skins will rotate out; there can only be about 10 skins in the Outland Chests at a time.

After a few more months, and as newer skins are released in their own special events, these three skins will rotate out of the Outland Chests; at that time, you'll be able to buy the skins (again) with real money, Skin Stones, or a Skin Certificate!

What is a Skin + or What is a Super Skin?

A Skin + (sometimes called a Super Skin) is a limited time only skin upgrade you can earn for a specific hero each skin release. This Skin+ will double the stats of the base skin. For example, if your base skin gives you 1000 Physical Attack, then the Skin+ will upgrade the total to 2000 Physical Attack!

As of the time of this blog post, Skin+ can only be earned during the event that features the three new skins; and, you cannot earn the Skin+ unless you've purchased the base skin. The Community Managers have stated a few times that there will be a way in the future to purchase past Skin+, but nothing official yet.

Previous Skin+ include Lars' Solar Skin, Faceless' Devil Skin, Amira's Cyber Skin, Andvari's Stellar Skin, and more!)

Are the Romantic Skins Worth Buying?

All skins for a hero will stack up and add to your hero's total stats, regardless of which skin is actively shown on the hero. In almost every situation, a skin for a hero is worth buying and upgrading fully.

There are some exceptions to this rule, and I would say that the 2023 Romantic Skins do not apply.

Should I buy Keira's Romantic Skin?

Keira is a damage dealing hero; generally speaking, anything that will improve this type of hero's damage is greatly encouraged! At lower levels, Keira is incredibly powerful and will dominate in the Arena, Grand Arena, and Guild Wars!

This skin will absolutely improve her output of damage, however it is not a priority. Due to the way Keira's abilities work, you should focus on her Agility and Armor Penetration skins first!

At higher levels, such as end game player vs player, the addition of this Physical Attack skin is very welcome, but ultimately not what Keira needed. Where she excels is against low-armor targets; however against heavily armored teams, Keira does not do well. A skin that would have kept her alive longer, or possibly ignore more of the enemy's armor, would have been preferred by me!

Should I buy Jorgen's Romantic Skin?

Jorgen in Hero Wars Mobile servers dual purpose: he's one of the best (if not the best) heroes in the game, because he is an incredible asset in controlling fights! But when you combine him with a Magic Penetration Hero (Jorgen/Faceless is a CRAZY good combo!) his ultimate skill becomes an absolute NUKE when it comes to damage output.

If you are building the Jorgen/Faceless combo, I would absolutely recommend buying and leveling this skin as soon as possible. However, if you miss the opportunity, his Winter Skin is also Magic attack.

If you're building Jorgen in basically any other way, and your team includes a primary damage dealer, then this skin isn't as much of a priority.

Ultimately though, you should max out every skin Jorgen has access to, because the longer he lives, the more control and damage he can provide your team. Aside from a skin to keep him alive a little bit longer, this new Romantic skin is the best he could've received.

Should you buy Amira's Romantic Skin?

Amira is a newer hero, and fits a similar roll to Jorgen. Not only can she do great damage, but she also has several ways to control fights. Magic Defense isn't a very sexy skin to get, but because she takes so long to output her damage, you need to keep her alive as long as possible.

Excellent skin for her, but I would say not a priority for her team if your healer or other Intelligence support still has important skins to build.

What is the Best Way to Get Skin Stones?

Skin stones can be had a number of different ways:

  • Outland Chests

  • VIP Store

  • Special Events

  • Event Chests

  • And More!

The absolute best way to earn skin stones is by opening extra Outland Chests. This will require the Emerald Currency, which you can earn in-game daily or by buying it with real money.

There are 2 very important things to note with this strategy:

  1. ONLY Buy Emeralds during a x4 Emerald Sale; these happen about once per month.

  2. ONLY Spend Emeralds on Outland Chests during a 55% discount; these happen about once per quarter (every 3 months or so).

My Final Thoughts

None of these skins are necessary, and they can all be earned (for free) eventually by just playing the game. If any of these three heroes are in your main team (or top 10-15 heroes) then definitely consider them, but none of them are a huge priority over existing skins.

The Skin+ (if you miss it) is SUPPOSED TO BE earnable in the future as well.

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