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Hero Wars Daily 9-26-2023

Table of Contents

Hero Wars Dominion Era (FB/Web)

Hero Wars Alliance (Mobile) What to Buy from the Kayla Shop

Hero Wars Dominion Era News for September 26th, 2023

Is the Champion Season Prize Worth It?

Many players saw the grand prize of the Golden Ticket and assumed it was the ORANGE Gift of the Dominion, not the RED one. The Orange one can only rank your hero up from O+4, but the Red one can rank your hero all the way to Red+3!

What is the New Pet Coming to Hero Wars Dominion Era?

No info about this new pet just yet, but it's obviously some sort of SPIDER!!! 🕸️

Lars & Krista Shop Bugged!

Early this morning when the Lars & Krista event went live, the items in the shop were over 90% off! Was this intentional?

While this was fixed before most of the US woke up for their day, the big question on everyone's mind is:

How does Hero Wars make this fair?

What to Buy from the Lars & Krista Shop

Link to full calculor can be found HERE. Thanks to Calorifere for putting this together!

Hero Wars Alliance News for September 25th, 2023

What to Buy from the Kayla Shop

The Kayla/Aiden/Heidi Solar event is Live! Try out the reworked Heidi, complete tasks and earn event currency.

The best thing for most players to purchase from the Kayla shop is going to be SKIN STONES!

If you're using Kayla in your primary team(s), then you may consider instead trying to collect 85000 currency to purchase her Skin+!

What are the Max Stats for the Solar Skin Heroes?

Check out Heidi, Kayla, and Aiden's stat leveling priority guide

Thanks to LoadRunner for this datamined info!

What are the Newest Leaks from LoadRunner?

LoadRunner datamined a bunch of game art over the last 24 hours, what do you think they're referring to?

Daily Social Media Gift!

Head to Chapter 2 Mission 12 (Nameless Road) and check your in-game mail for a gift!

The task is available till September 27, 6 PM (UTC), team level 10 required. The gift will stay in your in-game mail only for 3 days after completing the mission!

Today's Live Stream

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