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Heidi is Improved! (FB/Web)

From the Official Facebook Page:

Heidi is improved!

He deals more damage and gains Energy for dodging enemies' attacks!

Ult/Grey Ability:

Old: 0.35 * Magic attack + 65 * Skill level

New: 0.55 * Magic attack + 70 * Skill level

2nd Skill:

Old: 0.5 * Magic attack + 75 * Skill level

New: 0.6 * Magic attack + 75 * Skill level

3rd skill:

Old: 0.6 * Magic attack + 100 * Skill level

New: 0.7 * Magic attack + 75 * Skill level

4th skill:

Old: Camouflage dodge did not grant bonus energy

New: Camouflage dodge now provides bonus energy (based on damage that would have been received)

On top of these changes, Heidi is also getting a new Devil Skin during the Halloween Event.

Of the three heroes getting new skins (Yasmine, Lian, Heidi) is is by far my favorite!

Here are some great Heidi Teams to try, to take advantage of his new skin:

1. Aurora, Arachne, Nebula, Heidi, Faceless

2. Aurora, Arachne, Heidi, Orion, Dorian

Thanks to noMercy for the team ideas!

Link to Post:

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