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Free2Play // The Hero's Way // Hero Wars Mobile

How to "Free2Play" and Hit Max Season Level

"The Hero's Way" Season - Sept 1st through Sept 25th

On September 1st, Hero Wars Mobile added the first of the monthly season pass models to the game, and with it came three "Pay2Win" (P2W) Golden Ticket options. These Golden Tickets will give you rewards in addition to the "Free2Play" (F2P) reward track, but what if you didn't care about the rewards? What if you didn't feel like the rewards were good enough to spend even $10 USD on? Can you still complete the entire Season Pass, each month?

At first, looking at some of the tasks (check out my Previous Hero's Way Post) that you're required to complete each day looks impossible. How is a F2P player supposed to collect 300 Titanite in a single day?


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Good news! You can partially complete quests. For example, instead of collecting 90 soul stones in a day (very difficult without spending emeralds) you can collect 45 from Shops, the Heroic Chest, Nesting Dolls.... and still get partial credit for completing that task.

Completing only part of the tasks each day, is that still enough to reach the "Max" Season Pass Level?

Player ZeroZucker (S114) put together a nice spreadsheet to show how to reach level 67 spending ZERO EMERALDS!

The spreadsheet below works like this:

ZeroZucker went through every single Feat, and worked out how difficult it is for a F2P player. Then, doing the math on the awarded EXP for partial completion of a Feat, he figured out the total EXP you can expect to earn at the end of the month JUST by doing the F2P, or partial, version of the Season Pass.

Additionally, he worked out what a player could expect to earn by being a "small spender;"

that is, a person who has a couple dozen or so emeralds to spare:

This screenshot is from Day 3.

As a F2P player, without spending any emeralds, I shouldn't have any issue collecting 45 soul stones.

If I wanted to get further along, I can spend a small amount of emeralds, and potentially earn 90 Soul Stones.

The daily tasks are the first columns, that's pretty obvious. The first green and red columns represents the F2P and "small spender" EXP rewards for that task. Further right in the spreadsheet are the total EXP awarded for each day's Feat, then the cumulative total EXP.

More blog is below the spreadsheet!

You can also use the spreadsheet to see how far along you are on a given day, by looking at the far right columns. Are you on Day9 but missed a few quests (and therefore a lower level than you should be)? You can easily track how far behind you are (or maybe you're ahead!) based on "Battlepass Level" column.

You can then make an educated decision on whether or not you should spend a few dozen (or a few hundred) emeralds to catch back up!


Warning from Charlie:

There is still a little bit of wiggle-room in this spreadsheet...

It still may not be completely F2P for all of you, based on luck, RNG, how frequently you play, etc. If you don't play every day, you cannot make use of this spreadsheet.


Again: Big thanks to [@Server 114: ZeroZucker] for putting together this information! If you have any questions about this spreadsheet, you can message him directly on my discord with that username.

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