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Clash of the Titans Event Guide

What is Clash of the Titans?

The "Clash of the Titans" special event and the Titan Brawls with Tenebris and Solaris are in Dominion — earn Titan Brawl Boxes and Brawl Coins by completing quests and participating in Brawls! The rules are simple: gather a team with selected Titan, win battles, and earn Brawl Coins, which you can exchange in the Brawl Shop for Champion Skins and other valuable resources!  

How to Get Tenebris and Solaris Skins Without Paying?

And make sure to check out new Champion Skins for Tenebris and Solaris!


Clash of the Titans is an event that happens quite frequently; this is the third time in 2024.

The NEXT TIME Clash of the Titans event happens, Solaris and Tenebris skins will be available for purchase with Brawl Coins.

I'm waiting until then to buy them!

What are the Best Buys from the Brawl Shop?

Thanks to Calorifere for putting this spreadsheet together!

What Happens to Brawl Coins At the End of the Event?

Note that shortly after the shop's closing, your remaining Titan Brawl Coins (but not your remaining Lives) will be exchanged for Titan Brawl Box: 750 Titan Brawl Coins = 1 Titan Brawl Box.

What are in Titan Brawl Boxes?

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