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August 2023 Events Revealed!

Here are the Events Coming to Hero Wars Dominion Era in August 2023

What are the Next Hero Wars Dominion Era Events?

From left to right, top to bottom.

Legacy of the Great Ones

Hero Artifact Event

Foundations of Power

Titan Skin Stone Event

Guardians of Outland

Hero Skin Stone Event

Portal Anomaly

Pet Leveling Event

Time of the Fearless

Free to Play Hero Event

Andvari Hero Celebration

Misc. Hero Resources Event

Classic Titans (Earth, Fire, Water)

Maybe Titan Brawls? Not Sure

PvP Event?!

Will update this as I get more info

Celestial Skins

What are the 2023 Celestial Skins? They are Nebula, Fafnir, and Martha!

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