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5th Skill for Heroes in Hero Wars Alliance

Hero Wars Alliance Only

Everything Noted in this Blog is a WORK IN PROGRESS, and is Subject to Change!

Hello all! We would like to share some interesting news with you today. A new feature, or rather, a redeveloped old feature, is on its way to Dominion! We are sharing the initial concept which might undergo some changes before the final release. Please read the document carefully till the end and let us know what you think of it! We are especially looking forward to your feedback on the Passive Skills in the table below. Thank you!

Key Takeaways:

Class-Specific Abilities

Availability of Class Abilities: all players (no level restrictions)

Requirements: reach level 40 of all 5 of a single hero’s Glyphs

Visibility: The rank of your Class-Specific Abilities will not be visible to opponents.

Once the above requirement is reached, each class will receive a passive skill called Class Ability, which can be used by any hero belonging to this class to help you in the battle.

EX: Astaroth reaches 40 on all 5 glyphs, the TANK SKILL GLYPH is unlocked for ALL TANKS

Class Glyph levels are shared among all the heroes belonging to a specific Class, and each of them contributes to its level, making Class Abilities even stronger.

EX: Astaroth Reaches 40 on all 5 glyphs, the TANK SKILL GLYPH is RANK 1 for ALL TANKS.

If another tank reaches 40 on all 5 glyphs, the TANK SKILL GLYPH will gain a rank for each Tank Hero that reaches that threshold.

How to Level Up The Class-Specific Skill Glyph

The level of the Class-Specific Skill Glyph will be leveled up using a new currency, Runic Spheres.

Once a hero reaches level 40 on all 5 glyphs, you will be able to use Runic Spheres to level up +1 level of the Class-Specific Glyph.

Every 5 levels a hero levels up all of their base 5 glyphs (ex: all to 45, all to 50, to a cap of 75) you will unlock the ability to level up the Class-Specific Glyph another level.

Ex: Astaroth has all 5 glyphs at 45, the ability to rank up the Class-Specific Glyph to Rank 2 is unlocked.

(+1 at 40, +1 at 45, +1 at 50, etc. etc.)

Each hero can contribute a MAX of 8 levels to the Class-Specific Glyph Rank

Ex: there are currently 10 tanks, so you can get the Class-Specific Glyph to level 80

New Hero Maximum Glyph Level cap: lvl 80.

Where Do You Get Runic Spheres?

The Highwaymen Mode is an activity available in Outland. It is getting an upgrade. It will now feature a new Orange-grade opponent and a Chest of higher rarity.

You will be able to get Runic Spheres from this Chest, as well as purple quality hero rank-up items.

Are Current Glyph Costs Changing?

Additionally, there won’t be any Small, Common, Rare, or Great Enchantment Runes anymore - they all will be converted into a new resource called Runic Stones, which will be used for Glyph upgrades instead.

All the places and quests where you previously could acquire Runes of different rarity, such as Heroic Chest, Hero’s Way or daily quests, will receive this update as well - you will be able to get more resources for Glyph upgrades.

The amount of Runes/Runic Stones overall will be increased, so players should expect to reach level 40 much faster.

The List of Class Abilities

Class Tank Heroes

Aurora, Chabba, Mushy & Shroom, Luther, Julius, Corvus, Astaroth, Cleaver, Ziri, Rufus

Passive Skill If your ally has less than X HP, it redirects any inflicted damage from this hero to Tank (no more than X%) for X sec. This passive skill can be triggered once per X sec for each allied hero.

Class Warrior Heroes

Elmir, Yasmine, Galahad, Ishmael, Qing Mao, Tristan, K’arkh, Kayla

Passive Skill Increases Physical Attack for X% for X sec, for each opponent affected by Warrior’s auto-attack. No more than X stacks.

Class Marksman Heroes

Jhu, Dark Star, Artemis, Daredevil, Fox, Ginger, Astrid & Lucas, Keira, Dante, Cascade

Passive Skill If the hero's target has less than X% HP left, it increases the damage inflicted by Marksman by X%. This passive skill can be triggered once per X sec.

Class Mage Heroes

Kai, Mojo, Cornelius, Orion, Iris, Lilith, Lars, Xe’Sha, Heidi, Satori

Passive Skill When a Mage hero enters the field, they immediately gain X% energy at the beginning of the battle. The Mage hero gains additional X% energy for each cast skill.

Class Healer Heroes

Thea, Markus, Morrigan, Dorian, Aidan, Maya, Martha

Passive Skill When any type of healing or shield is applied to an ally, it triggers an effect that transforms any incoming damage into healing for X sec (no more than X%). This passive skill can be applied to a hero once per X sec.

Class Support Heroes

Alvanor, Fafnir, Helios, Sebastian, Jet, Nebula, Amira, Celeste

Passive Skill Each time when Buff is applied to an ally or when damage affects enemy team, all opponents receive a debuff that lowers Armor and Magic Defence by X% for X sec. This effect can be triggered several times, up to X stacks.

Class Control Heroes

Isaac, Arachne, Judge, Phobos, Faceless, Peppy, Jorgen, Krista, Andvari, Lian

Passive Skill The duration of all Marks, Stun, Charm, Blind and Silence effects is prolonged for X sec.

NOTE: All passive skill descriptions are not final, so let us know what you think about them!


When Will This Change Be Added to Hero Wars Alliance?

We will be introducing this game feature as a single iteration at some point during this year. Before the main release for all the players, we want to give you early access to the new Class System with Passive skills so you could check it out and provide additional feedback. We appreciate your support and will keep you updated on any developments!

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green dragon
green dragon
Oct 14, 2023

well, imagine, judge zaps everybody, looses all defense, leian slowly drops defenses as she charms team, kiera drops guard with every basic attack, rufus takes an arrow in the back from his own back line as they redirect damage to him.

the game is going to grow, because the people who spend money, want it to grow, deal. but please do not completely alter the game in doing so.


Derek Christensen
Derek Christensen
Oct 13, 2023

I'm in the same boat and after about 4 years of playing and at 6m hero power I just wouldn't feel like I would want to continue this grind anymore. Was finally feeling like I was attaining something but with this it just deflates all motivation to continue if it's going to require more investment to make a difference.


Chris Kloch
Chris Kloch
Oct 13, 2023

This is when I will quit. I've been playing for 3-4 years, I would consider myself as reaching the middle/end game. This will extend the ability to reach end game to 8+ years.


Anthony McDaniel
Anthony McDaniel
Oct 12, 2023

With these new class abilities, and having already leveled up certain glyphs based upon the max leveling priority guide, how will that change those priorities and certain level thresholds of not going over a certain number, and if these new abilities change thar level to a lower number than what was originally listed then your hero of choice will be worse off than someone who hasn't leveled that hero to that number yet???

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