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Titan Totems

What is a Titan Totem?

The elemental spirit totems are unlockable stat and skill bonuses that will apply to your Titan Fights in Guild Wars, the Dungeon, and Tournament of the Elements. 

Each Totem will give that element's titans a stat increase at all times. 

Additionally, if you gather 3 or more of the same element Titan, the Totem will give your team an additional Ultimate Ability, that will charge like your Titans ults or Hero ults do.

There are three: one for each element.


Each Totem can be evolved to 6 Stars, and can be leveled up to a Max Level of 120. 

Guaranteed Titan Fragment

Water Spirit Totem


The Water Totem will add Health to your Water Titans


Battle Skill:

Blessing of the Deep

Heals allied titans, and deals damage to nearby enemy titans for 10 seconds.  Each activation splits the restored health between any titans in need of healing. 

Earth Spirit Totem


The Earth Totem will add Health to your Earth Titans


Battle Skill:

Song of the Ancient Mountains

Creates a Barrier on the battlefield; the barrier protects all allies from attacks.  The barrier loses durability when absorbing damage, but double the amount of damage taken is reflected onto the attacking enemies

Fire Spirit Totem


The Fire Totem will add Attack to your Fire Titans


Battle Skill:

Age of Flames

Summons a Fiery Storm that sweeps through the enemy team and deals damage to nearby enemies.

Resources Required to Level up a Totem

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