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Xe'Sha Max Stats and Skill Info (Hero Wars Mobile

This blog is all about the new Hero Wars Mobile Hero: Xe'sha, arriving during the Halloween 2021 in-game event. A big thanks to LoadRunner for datamining the max stats and info of this hero.

(Note: this blog post is accurate as of Oct 25, 2021)

The Maxed Stats Page

Before we get into this screenshot (provided by LoadRunner) I want to state that the tool he uses is not one that's freely available on the internet, and I do not personally have full access to it. A lot of the information we get early is from LoadRunner, and I'm happy to way and see what he has to offer each morning!

Here it is:

There's a lot of information that can be gathered from this screen grab, and I want to talk about all of it right now.

First of all, we can finally take a look at Xe'sha's Max Stats, Glyphs, and Hero Position.

Position: Between Jorgen and Isaac.

Glyphs: Magic Attack, Health, Magic Defense, Magic Penetration, Intelligence.

Here is a zoomed in look at her 4 skills, with completely maxed out states.

Worth noting:

The long cool-down on the Scarlet Mist skill (22 seconds).

Her very high magic attack modifier on some of her skills.

Finally, here is a zoomed in look at her artifacts!

Weapon: Magic Attack

Book: Magic Penetration/Magic Attack

Ring: Intelligence

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1 Comment

Oct 25, 2021

Assume a maxed out Cleppy/Dorian/Lilith/Xe'Sha team and Xe'Sha ults. Assume no other artifact buffs or MA gain from Searing Might up until this point or any other buffs. Allied Health Drain: 22181 + 7684 + 11132 + 18730 = 59727 Base Skill Damage: 76065 Artifact Weapon: 32040 Searing Might bonus: 59727 x 0.25 = 14931 TOTAL ULT DAMAGE: 59727+76065+32040+14931 = 182763 If I got my math right, with Xe'Sha's max Magic Pen of 16450 here are the heroes she would one-shot (i.e. max health less than 182763 with Magic Def less than 16450): Karkh, Elmir, Keira, Astrid&Lucas, Yasmine, Dark Star, Lars

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