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Who Will Win a 2023 Romantic Skin!

The Sweepstakes is now Closed.

Who is eligible to win?

There were a total of 545 unique comments on the YouTube Video! Many of you did not follow the rules; some of you forgot to post which platform you play on, some of you posted multiple platforms to the same comment, and even more of you didn't even read the instructions!

If you're confused by the instructions or eligibility of the sweepstakes, scroll down to below the line break; I have a list of rules as well as a full legal policy.

What to do if you win?

If you're a winner, you'll need to contact me on Discord; the process for contracting me (if you don't know how) can be found here

If you refuse to use Discord, you can email me at , Remember, we will have to verify each comment as a winning comment; we will do this by showing me a screenshot of your youtube comment with my notification on it.

When will I start delivering prizes?

First of all, it is up to you to contact me. Next, since today is a "Sports Holiday" in the United States (American Football Championship Game AKA The Superbowl) I will not be sending out the winnings until Monday.

Here are the Winners of the 2023 Romantic Skin Sweepstakes:


Mark Risner WEB

Crazyweatherguy FB

Darth Bob WEB

Micio MGV FB

Daniel M T WEB


Laxana Mayer

Clinton Meade

Gamer Siddharth 444

Jean Laurin

Ashley Manning

Congratulations to the Lucky Winners!

If you did not win, we will be doing another Sweepstakes for the Masquerade Skins coming April 1st, 2023, and we have different contest each week.


Here's How To Enter:

1. Open to Hero Wars Facebook, Web, and Mobile Players

2. Leave the KEYWORD comment on THIS VIDEO (also posted down below)

3. Leave the comment: "Facebook," "Web," or "Mobile"

>If you play on all three, you can leave three comments

>Comments that don't say one of these three words will not be picked

3. 10 comments will be drawn at random Sunday, February 12th at 12pm Central Time.

(5 FB/Web Comments will be picked, 5 Mobile Comments will be picked)

4. Winners will be announced on the Hero Wars Central Website and Discord.

5. FB/Web Winners will receive a Hero Wars gift box containing 500 Small Skin Stone Chests

6. Mobile Winners will receive $14.99 USD via Paypal

(if you don't live in a country that accepts Paypal, you are not eligible to participate)

For Complete Rules and Policies regarding Sweepstakes, and other contests like this, GO HERE.

Go To YouTube, and Leave the Comment on THIS VIDEO:

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3 comentarios

13 feb 2023

Are we allowed to write comments of our user id here? Or does it have to be on the yt video?

Me gusta
13 feb 2023
Contestando a

Okay. Thanks so much for doing this!

Me gusta
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