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When to Level Up Your Titans (Facebook) - by B.Dorin

1. The order to level up

Titans should be levelled up same as you do for your heroes – focus on you tank and damage dealer (if you have the super titan – he should be 2nd after tank, if not – chose the marksman).

The other 3 titans can be around 20 levels below the mention before.

2. How to invest

As you invest in artefacts for your heroes, the same you should do for your titans. Armour for tank, weapon for damage dealer and health (spread around the love).

· There are some exceptions that you have to keep in mind:

Water team has some 2 titans that their skills are standard regardless of the level of investment you made in them – more specifically Sigurd’s shield and Mari skill are both set in stone from beginning to end. So they need mostly to survive more to use more the skill

Fire and Earth have all their titans skills based on the physical attack so you might want to invest also in their attack weapon to help you out

· I also recommend avoiding investing in the supports or marksman’s that you do not use. For example if you run a water team, then Ignis, Molch, Vulcan, Angus, Avalon, and Sylva should not be in your consideration. Just focus on Water titans + the super titans. Eventually invest in them just a bit so you can make the dungeon run (remember to invest only on Monday)

3. When to invest

You should only invest in your titans on Monday after you have fought Stage 1 in the cross titan tournament. This because the game registers your overall titan power (all titans, not just your top 5) and prepares the enemies in the tournament as to provide you the proper challenge. The enemies in the tournament you get are somewhere standard with some exceptions, such as in Stage 5 – there is already 1 or 2 teams that are your equal and in stage 6 again you have 2 that are your equal and several bigger.

In order for you to get an advantage, you invest after the tournament start so those that are supposed to be your equal, have been assigned to you based on the power of the past week.

If you do this, there is a chance that you might even win a 3rd team in stage 6 and ensure to get max points from the “equal” ones.

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Sam Pearlman
Sam Pearlman
Sep 06, 2022

Should I level up my tank titans' Health or Elemental Armor skins first?


Oct 07, 2020

Thanks for the info

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