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What are in Charged Dolls? (FB/Web)

The Energy Overload Event is a 1-day Event during the September Strongford Quiz/Lore Festival!

During this event, you will only have 2 tasks:
  1. Login

  2. Spend Energy (8500)

The reward for completing these 2 tasks are the Charged Dolls!

Doll Contents based on 38 Total Dolls (max earn-able for event)

  • More Dolls

  • 1x Large Hero EXP Potion

  • 3x Large Hero Exp Potion

  • 1x Bottled Energy

  • 2x Bottled Energy

  • 25k Gold

  • 50k Gold

  • 100k Gold

  • 50 of Any Skin Stone

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