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Nov. 21st Week in Review - HWC

Week of Monday, November 21st 2022!

This week we celebrate CyberWeek in Hero Wars! Big Sales can be had all week long on all versions of the game, and the new CyberSkins for 2022 are finally in the game!

Winners of the Week!

(5000 Skin Stones)

Winners should contact me on Discord to receive their prize! (You will be asked to provide proof)

  1. Nasir Kashefi

  2. Steve D

  3. icecoldblkgld06

  4. tom a

  5. Shi Wang

  6. davodooo

  7. Jack Richardsen

  8. Ken Wong

  9. Nisi

  10. aris kissas

Disclaimer: if I run out of Skin Gifts, we will give you a replacement gift, and a skin gift in the future when I receive more from Hero Wars!

What Videos Did We Publish This Week?

This video got you caught up on what to expect for Cyber Week in Hero Wars! While I was off by a few days for Hero Wars Mobile, it still was mostly accurate!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Typically, Winterfest heroes are the strongest of all heroes added to Hero Wars! This video is all about discussing the TWO! teased new heroes, Kayla and Aiden, and why they're going to be very strong.

Hero War FB/Web Video

Sweepstakes Video!

New Player's guide to The Outland Activity, specifically on Hero Wars Facebook and Web.

This sweepstakes ended on November 27th at 12pm CST

Taking a look at Hero Wars Central YouTube analytics to get a loose idea if interest in the game has declined over the past year.

Recruiting Video!

Our guild on FB Server 25

Needs Heroes!

How to build a great Hero Wars Defensive Team is sometimes just focusing on Heroes that increase randomness!

Hero Wars FB/Web Specific Video

x4 Emerald Sales happen about once a month, but x5 Emerald Sales only happen about 4 times a year!

Hero Wars Mobile Video

The Best things to buy from the Cyber Shop during Cyber Week on Hero Wars Mobile

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Kayla's look and abilities have been revealed! What do I think of her, where will she be strong, and who will counter her?

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Why New Players Shouldn't open Titan Artifact Spheres (Big Money Blue Balls) until WinterFest!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

The New Stronghold Mini Game is coming soon to New Players on Hero Wars FB and Web!

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