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The Clash of the Titans - FB/Web

What are the best buys from the Clash of the Titans Brawl Shop Feb 2024?

Unleash Rigel's power in Brawls!

The rules are simple: gather a team with Rigel, win battles, and earn Brawl Coins, which you can exchange in the Brawl Shop to get Rigel's Champion Skin, as well as Amon' and Iyari's Champion Skins if you haven't managed to get them earlier, and other valuable resources!

Is There an Event That Goes With This Brawl?

The "Clash of the Titans" special event is live — complete quests to get Titan Brawl Boxes and Brawl Coins!

The Brawls end on March 1, 5 AM UTC. And the Brawls Shop will stay for one more day till March 2, 5 AM UTC.

What is the BEST Titan Brawl Team?

What Happens to my Event Currency After the Event Ends?

Shortly after the shop's closing, your remaining Titan Brawl Coins (but not your remaining Lives) will be exchanged for Titan Brawl Box:

750 Titan Brawl Coins = 1 Titan Brawl Box.

What are the Brawl Shop Best Buys?

Thanks to Caloriefere for putting this together!

What are in Titan Brawl Boxes?

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