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Scorching Days Event - Facebook/Web

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

What is Up, Heroes of Dominion!?

The 2022 Scorching Days Event is coming on February 4th!

Scorching Days

(Feb 4th, 2022 - Feb 6th, 2022)

2022 Scorching Days Sweepstakes Info After the Article

Note: The Scorching Days Event will go live at 2am UTC for Web, and 5am UTC for Facebook!

My Thoughts: This event is worth investing into.


  1. Login (3 days max)

  2. Get VIP (Rank 5)

  3. Spend Emeralds (50,000 max)

  4. Spend Energy (8000 max)

  5. Collect Hero Soul Stones (500 max)

  6. Open Outland Chests (65 max)

  7. Open Titan Summon Spheres (10 per day, repeatable)


  • Titan Experience Potions

  • Titan Skin Stones

  • Demonic Spark Bottles

  • Gold

What's In Each Jar?

<<Add video here>>


Winners of the 2022 Scorching Days Sweepstakes

(contact me on Discord for your prize! Username CharlieM#7777 )

Winner 1: Dayleeyah Kalonji - CLAIMED

Winner 2: Sebas Koedam

Winner 3: Günther Berger - CLAIMED

Winner 4: skuttduck - CLAIMED

Winner 5: Mr. Cool

How to Enter The 2022 Scorching Days FB/Web Sweepstakes:


--> Complete Rules/Policies of the Sweepstakes Here <---


This sweepstakes is for All Facebook and Web Players!

  1. The sweepstakes is active from 2/4/22 at 2am UTC to 2/6/22 at 2am UCT.

  2. Leave ANY comment on the Video linked here: Scorching Days Feb. 2022 Video

  3. The winners* will be decided at random; a random comment will be selected.

  4. There will be 5 Winners Chosen.

  5. The winning commenters will receive:

30 Titan Summoning Spheres 30 Artifact Chest Keys, and 10 Pet Summoning Eggs

*players from countries who have blocked purchase of items from games are not eligible for this prize.

Invalid Entries:

  1. A comment containing language that's against Youtube's Community Guidelines

  2. A comment made on a date and time outside of the sweepstakes period listed in How To Enter #2.

  3. A comment containing any personal information.

  4. A comment from a player that lives in a country that has blocked the purchase of items from mobile games.


I Love You All, And Good Luck in Dominion!

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