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November 2023 Events Revealed!

Here are the Events Coming to Hero Wars Dominion Era in November 2023

What are the Next Hero Wars Dominion Era Events?

100k Emerald Sweepstakes

Watch my Live Streams to Win!

Full Contest Rules Here

Special Halloween Calendar


The Great Storm

Pet Resource Event

Elemental Synergy

Titan Artifact Event

Ascension to Asgard

Ascension Resources Event

Time of the Fearless

Free2Play Skin Stone Event

(need to make a video)

Stellar Skin Event

New Hero Skins!

Cyber Skin Event

New Hero Skins!

Part 2 of the Mysterious Island!

More Great Loot!

Legacy of the Great Ones!

Hero Artifact Event

Nature Titan Event!?

What is this??!?

The Guardians of Outland

Hero Skin Stone Event

Champion Season!

Level up Your Heroes!

One More Event?!?

Probably Cyberweek

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