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November 2021 Season Pass Info (Mobile)

November 1st is right around the corner! And Hero Wars Mobile will have a new monthly season pass to progress through. This blog will detail the daily tasks and rewards for the November 2021 Hero Wars Mobile Season Pass.

What is the Hero's Way?

The Hero's Way is a 25 day activity starting on the first of each month. There are daily tasks to complete, which will earn you Season Pass Exp. You'll use this exp to level up the season pass from level 1 all the way to level 65. The reward track will keep going after 65, but the rewards will simply start to repeat themselves.

The Daily Tasks

Every day you'll be presented with 4 tasks to complete; these tasks can be completed fully or partially. That means that no matter how difficult the task may seem, you should at least attempt to clear it!


All Images are borrowed from LoadRunner! Thank You My Friend!


Day 1-6

(will add a better image once I make it lel)

Day 7-15

Day 16-25

The Rewards

The Hero's Way has 2 reward paths: the Free one (F2P) and the Golden Pass (Pay2Win). In order to gain access to the Pay2Win rewards, you'll need to purchase a Golden Pass each month. This Golden Pass will cost around $10 USD.

Level 1-12

Level 13-23

Level 24-34

Level 35-45

Level 46+

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