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Mysterious Island - March 2024

Updated: Mar 4


(when it's available)

(when it's available)


When is the March Mysterious Island Map Reveal?

On March 3rd, a new adventure map will be available, where you will encounter a new flag and pattern with new abilities. Try to guess what they will be?

What Will Happen to My Explorer's Moves from February?

Any Explorer's Moves that are unused when the February map ends, will carry over to March!

Will We Still Have Access to the Maps from February?


How does the Mysterious Island Work?

As you explore the map, you can see the blue question marks as move opportunities. You continue your way across the map, until you get to the tower at the end.

Complete March Map with Rewards!

What are the Big Prizes on The Mysterious Island?

There does not appear to be any Orange (higher level) patterns hidden anywhere on this map.

There are 7 Towers

We'll look at the middle tower first, and then work our way clockwise!

Middle Tower

Flag Chest

Armor Pattern

Top Right Tower

20,000 Emeralds

Dodge Reduction Pattern

Far Right Tower

Red Item Chest

Magic Def Pattern

Bottom Right Tower

Orange Gift of Dominion

Dodge Reduction Pattern

Bottom Middle Tower

1500 Small Skin Stone Chests

Physical Attack Pattern

Bottom Left Tower

1500 Titan Artifact Spheres

Magic Attack Pattern

Top Left Tower

1500 Ascension Crystals and a Magic Attack Pattern

There are 8 Chests

Each Chest Contains 2 Patterns!

Here they are pictured, clockwise around the map:

What is the Best Route for the March Mysterious Island?

This is MY suggested Route!

I chose this route based on the 3 main/large rewards on the right side of the map!

The "Red" path is the primary path; the "Orange" paths are subjective and up to you which route you take!

Map 2 is an ALTERNATE OPTION where we disregard the lesser rewards on the left side of the map!

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1 Comment

Δημήτρης Σφυρής
Δημήτρης Σφυρής
Mar 15

Thanks for the TIPS !! You are great! Do you think it's better if you have limited moves to take just the 1 or 2 grand prizes (ie 20k emeralds and gift of dominion) and save the rest moves for future islands (to spend also on grand prizes of each island) ??

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