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Map 3 Mysterious Island - Dec 2023

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


(when it's available)


When is the December Mysterious Island Map Reveal?

On December 4th, a new adventure map will be available, where you will encounter a new flag and pattern with new abilities. Try to guess what they will be?

What Will Happen to My Explorer's Moves from October and November?

Any Explorer's Moves that are unused when the October/November map ends, will carry over to December!

Will We Still Have Access to the Maps from October and November?

No. When the event timer reaches 0, the October and November Maps will disappear. Make sure you get all of the rewards from the maps that you want before they leave forever!

How does the Mysterious Island Work?

As you explore the map, you can see the blue question marks as move opportunities. You continue your way across the map, until you get to the tower at the end.

Complete Map 3 with Rewards!

What are the Big Prizes on The Mysterious Island?

Central Tower:

  1. New Battle Flag Chest Item (Choose which of the three Flags you Want!)

  2. Accuracy Pattern 1.5% (Lowers Enemy Team Dodge!)

Top Right Tower

  1. Orange Gift of the Dominion

  2. Magic Defense Pattern

Bottom Right Tower

  1. Magic Attack Increase Pattern

  2. 1500 Random Ascension Crystals

Bottom Left Tower

  1. Physical Attack Pattern

  2. 1500 Big Money Blue Balls

Far Left Tower

  1. Armor Pattern

  2. 1500 Small Skin Stone Chests

Immediate Left Tower

  1. Magic Attack Pattern

  2. Red Chest? Maybe Orange

What is the Best Route for the December Mysterious Island?

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